Full House Friday at Summit

Today brought sunny skies and the last day of summit! Waking up to fresh croissants and bagels, the dining room was a full house- quite literally as todays theme was “Full House Friday”.


Today activities were in full swing, with great weather and eager campers. Its been amazing watching the improvement of campers hard skills as they build up confidence, and perfect their chosen majors for the week. You can tell watching them what a fun week they have been having!

The lunch dress-up today was all about Uncle Jesse (because what is Full House without uncle Jesse?!)! The room was full of excitement as campers checked out the competition and some of the hilarious renditions of one of our favourite full house characters!

The day went by so quickly, with campers squeezing in every last activity they wanted to do before heading home tomorrow, and boy was it a beautiful day.

Tonight was my personal favourite meal of the week- potato wedges and corn and salad and chicken and sausage… and to top it all of scrumptious cheesecake- have mercy!

After dinner, campers made sure to get some pictures with all of their new camp friends before changing out of their snazzy attire and into their athletic best as they faced in off an ultimate Quad-athalon. Not without a twist though- Michelle tanner (a doll) had too accompany them through the entire thing (it’s no full house without Michelle tagging along!)

In underground, despite the crazy intense game, campers were full of energy and jumping around during an awesome time of worship. Matt spoke on persecution as a Christian, and how to live as a modern day apostle in all circumstances. We also had the opportunity to hear aunt Samantha share her powerful testimony of broken relationships and yet redeeming forgiveness.

Right now, campers are huddled around the campfire, getting in their last laughs, singing their last songs and wrapping up a fantastic week. At the end of campfire the winning team will head up to the lodge for a nacho party- (sweet deal eh?!).

The last sun of kids camp has set, and there is definitely a mixed feeling around here. Sadness that kids camp has come to a close, love for all the campers that have walked in and out of these doors, excitement for the disciples they will be in their communities, and on top of it all anticipation for the new day that tomorrow brings- along with family campers (woo-hoo!!!)


Thank you everybody for following along on this kids camp journey- and I’m sad to say this will be the last daily blog post of the summer. But check back for our upcoming weekly posts on family camp, and our Instagram and Facebook for daily updates!


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Throw-back Thursday (#TBT)

Camp was headed back in time again today for a Throw-back Thursday! With a hearty breakfast of waffles this morning, the campers were filled up after their routine of morning activities and flag raising. Ready to embrace the day and what it held, the kids exited the dining hall in an exciting manner to cabin clean-up! Aunt Amanda, one of camp’s first time program directors and goer in general, described what her impression of camp was like. She said, “Is Camp Kahquah not the most magical place on the Earth? It is like Disney Land, except with the Holy Spirit”. That’s a fun way to describe the feeling of Camp Kahqauh!

It’s been another heat-filled day here at camp! The camper’s skills have come superbly far since the beginning of the week and they were all enjoying the sun on their faces today. Beaming smiles were spread far and wide throughout the camp and sun-kissed faces greeted the dining hall as they entered for lunch (pizza bagels) and dinner (hamburgers and hotdogs).

DSC_0328DSC_0327 (2)DSC_0324DSC_0321 (2)DSC_0319DSC_0314 (2)DSC_0312DSC_0310
The second last lunch dress-up consisted of the Throw-back Thursday theme, along with a retro walk-off! The campers were in charge of recreating a retro look from back in the day using a vintage piece of clothing from their own parents (or grandparents) closet. They got bonus points if they had a picture of someone wearing the look they had re-created!

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The camp-wide game for tonight was the Polaroid Portrait Challenge! The Summit campers had to find the time travelers spread around camp wearing retro looks. Then, they had to pose with them and snap pics using their polaroid cut-out. Creativity was key for this game!13672597_1109804969066450_1824078723_n13672629_1109804925733121_277395918_n13866668_1109805102399770_1612830551_n13871688_1109805069066440_1818590579_n13872502_1109804949066452_734010287_n (1)13872590_1109805065733107_1889225057_n13874549_1109805062399774_616848074_n13875130_1109805039066443_283095474_n13883833_1109805025733111_1132667303_n13884335_1109805075733106_2125142623_n13884429_1109805005733113_470949333_n13884524_1109805029066444_697108206_n




The Aspire and Crew kids faced off in an epic game of capture the flag tonight! They headed up to the grounds by the high ropes and went against each other in what can be described as organized chaos. With a long day of making the camp spic and span, they were able to have a little fun on their off time. The Outdoor Pursuits campers also had a busy day with a trip to Crown Island and relaxed by making their own campfire to finish up the day.

Workout Wednesday

The campers sure made the most of their time at camp out of Summit day 3! With some apple and cherry turnovers for a satisfying breakfast, the program directors explained the theme for today, which was Workout Wednesday!

There was a bit of a scare today when thunder echoed throughout the camp but luckily it ended before activities started! After the storm clouds rolled along, the sun continued to shine and the campers were once again able to enjoy another beautiful day at Camp Kahquah.


The Aspire campers learned a lot today through the servant leader theme where they shadowed the Crew kids! They split into 3 groups: dining hall cleanup, tuck, and cabin cleanup. They talked about John 13, where Jesus served the disciples and directed them to follow His example and serve others. They also served around camp and walked around picking up garbage to clean-up the grounds. They got to relax tonight with a movie night and then participate in the camp-wide game!


The dress-up for today at lunch was “Let’s Get Physical”. The campers came in their best throwback outfits and it was like being transported back into the 80’s! With colourful windbreakers, Adidas shorts, high top sneakers and sweatbands, everyone got their workout gear ready. There was also a pretty funky dance-off where each cabin had to co-ordinate a work out routine after they were done eating their meal of taco salad and watermelon.


The camp-wide game tonight was a game called “Lite Bright”. There were Glow Bugs hidden all around the camp and the cabin’s job was to find their team’s colours and get them to safety, but to be careful! The Glow Worms were trying to attack them and their team flag with glow in the dark spray. A night game alongside some crazy colours being sprayed all over the campers made for a crazy evening!





Turntable Tuesday

Things were rocking all across Camp Kahquah today! After completing some more morning activities and attending the flag raising, the campers were quick to get to the dining hall for some breakfast. With some bacon and pancakes to satisfy their stomachs, the camper’s minds were sharpened and their hunger fulfilled. Aunt Liz, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Joe then explained what the duration of the day would hold. Today the cabins would be getting into the groove with some rapping and throwback music!

It was a hot, blistering sort of weather today, but the outdoors were still calling the camper’s names! With the activities completed, the campers hurriedly headed to the beach for free swim to cool themselves off. It’s been perfect camp weather this week so far!


The lunch dress-up for today was a turntable theme! The campers were in charge of dressing up one member of their cabin as a DJ, who would then compete in a “Drop the Beat Battle”. Each team had to come up with their own rap, which they would then present during dessert at lunch. There were some pretty nifty and tubular raps; Camp Kahquah has the most creative campers!


The camp-wide game for today was called “Lost in LA”. Unfortunately, DJ Jazzy Jeff had gone missing and was considered lost! The Summit camper’s job was to travel through Hollywood and talk to celebs along the way. They needed to help the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air find his best bud in time to play at The Grammy’s!


The Crew kids have had a busy week! They had some off time today to go up to the high ropes course and have some fun. They’ve worked really hard in order to give both the staff and campers a good experience at camp. They had another tiring day today cleaning, programming and kitchen-ing! They had a fun volleyball tournament this afternoon, where Uncle Conor valiantly led his team to a win. They’re all celebrating their time together tonight in Magnetawan, where they’ll grab some ice cream and relax!

The Aspire kids started some more team building activities and worked together to complete challenges such as the human knot. They participated in the lunch rap as well and were on fire! They also learned about Joseph today and about his leadership in Egypt in the time of famine. They also led campfire tonight in the songs and skits and did an amazing job!

Pastor Matt completed some more morning and evening sessions today with the campers. His morning sessions held more of a bible study theme, while his evening sessions were more visual and interactive. He discussed how it’s a lie that Satan wants to sell them that they are only average and that they don’t have any skills or qualities that they can proclaim His name through. They looked at Acts 2 as a follow-up and read about the Pentecost; the disciples were given gifts by the Holy Spirit and were able to go out and use those gifts. In the same way, the campers can take their gift(s) that God has given them to develop them, to be patient with them and engage in with them.  Everyone has been given a gift that they can proclaim His name through. Matt also gave them some discussion questions to ponder on, such as: “What are you good at?”, “What bugs you about the world that you would like to change?”, and once they identified those, “How are you going to change it?”


Pastor Matt enjoying a late night snack



Mustache, Mullet & Muscle Shirt Monday

A totally awesome week of Summit started off bright and early this morning as the campers were up and ’em for morning activities. They were then stoked and wide awake for the day and had even worked up a hearty appetite for a breakfast of muffins and cereal! Our program directors (Aunt Liz, Uncle Joe and Aunt Amanda) explained the theme of the day; the campers were excited as it included mustaches, mullets, and muscle shirts! The campers wandered out of the dining hall ready to embrace the old world style!

It was a stormy night last night, but thankfully the weather was fully cleared up by the time the campers woke up this morning! It was a toasty day outside today, and a good start to the week. All the majors have taken off to a flying start as the campers started learning different skills and strengths.


The lunch dress-up for today was a real throwback! Everyone showed up to eat with some pretty intense looking mustaches, stylish mullets, and some snazzy muscle shirts. No one held back today! During their lunch of chicken tortilla’s, the campers had the chance to complete a challenge at their tables through a game called “Whose Mustache is it Anyway?” There were different celebrity stache’s pasted on a piece of paper, and the campers had to take a guess of which celebrity it belonged to! It was a fun way to spend the lunch hour and the campers, in their get-up, definitely brought back the “in” look!



The Aspire campers also had a busy day today! They talked about communication, and played the Fork and Spoon game to reflect what they were discussing. They also completed a 1 minute talk and listen activity to get to know each other as well as a couple other communication games. They then talked about James 1:19, which says, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry”. They discussed that the emphasis of communication is not on the quantity of listening (a lot of listening) but the promptness of listening (listening first before speaking). They also learned that sometimes, when experiencing trials or disagreements, it is easy to quickly respond to argue and defend personal opinions, but James encourages the exact opposite. He calls to postpone making judgments and rebuttals and concentrate on listening to others in order to understand their side of the conflict.

IMG_1640IMG_1664 2IMG_1667 2IMG_1660IMG_1649IMG_1644

The camp-wide game tonight was called, “Finding Feeey’s Stache”. There were 15 Mr.Feeney’s hiding around camp and the camper’s job was to find all of them to get their hall passes stamped! However, there were hall monitors skulking around camp, so the kids had to be careful less they get caught!


The Underground this week is being led by Pastor Matt! Tonight he talked about patience with the campers. He mentioned how God’s timing is so much better than what we have in mind. We don’t always know His plans and sometimes it can seem like God isn’t listening but He has better things in mind for us; just because God doesn’t give us what we want in the moment doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He might just be preparing us or waiting for the perfect time. But God is good in all things and he knows what’s in store for us, so we must be patient.


Ready For Retro Week at Summit

The Summit campers pulled up nice and early today on the bus to come face to face with a retro-themed Camp Kahquah! Once they stepped off their time machine delorean, they had the chance to drop off their stuff at their new homes for the week and get to know their groovy counselors and cabin-mates.  They then got to head to the old-fashioned dining hall, where they were served spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. After being filled from their long drive up to camp, all the campers headed down to the beach in order to complete their swim tests!



Pastor Matt is leading Underground for the Summit campers this week! Tonight he introduced himself to the kids and explained a bit of what he’s going to talk about during the rest of this week. The campers are in for some great talks and guidance these coming days!

After a quick campfire, the worn-out campers dragged their tired feet back to their cabin in order to get a good night’s rest for their first day tomorrow. All the staff are looking forward to spending the week with these outta sight campers!



Top-Notch Teamwork at the Final Day of Blaze


The final full day of Blaze was started off a little differently than the rest of the days this week. The constant schedule that the kids had gotten used to was switched up by a 6:30 wake-up call of the bell ringing, which echoed through the silent, ghost town-like camp. Each cabin had a pair of frozen pantyhose to start with, which they then had to thaw and put on a camper! It was quite a sight to see the campers and counselors, sleepy and tuckered out, trying to break the ice around the clothing item using their hands and body heat to warm it up. After the challenge was finished, the camper’s feet trudged back to their rooms, eyes drooping, to get an hour more of sleep. Thankfully, they were permitted to sleep through morning activities and when they woke for a second time, it was to waffles for breakfast!
The weather for the last day was cloudless and sweltering, but with a nice breeze. The cool relief of the lake was once again welcoming, and all the kids finished up their majors and activities for the week! It’s been amazing to see the progress the campers have made in their majors and to see their developing skills!

DSC_1771DSC_1778 (2)DSC_1777DSC_1782DSC_1843DSC_1873DSC_1868DSC_1866DSC_1786DSC_1821DSC_1808DSC_1791DSC_1792


The lunch dress-up for today was teams! Each cabin dressed themselves to look like a team, which included a team of totally blue and a team imitating the seven dwarfs. The cabins have been super creative this week involving lunch dress-up!



In the last Underground at Blaze, Pastor Darcy introduced the sentence of the day, “I am more”. They talked about what’s holding them back from trusting God; they then discussed what more God has in store for them. Do they believe that God has plans for their life? What more does God have in mind for them? What will he use them for?  They then completed a little activity, which involved sharing time. They were instructed to write on a piece of paper of what they thought was holding them back from completely trusting in God’s will for their life and shared them in front of others.


After a wonderful dinner of meatballs and rice, it was time for the last camp-wide game! It involved completing an obstacle course and trying to beat out other cabins in order to win those last minute points for their team! After the game was finished, the campers were able to join a talent show instead of having a campfire. The Blaze talent was out of this world! Camp Kahquah has certainly enjoyed these enthusiastic campers this past week, and we wish them the best in the rest of their summer!



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