Family Camp – Week 2

Saturday evening the Camp was full with over 200 family campers and staff members. It was quiet during the day; families and friends were arriving throughout the day because of the long weekend traffic but nonetheless, people got here safe and it’s so good to see so many familiar faces. The lodge was full for dinner as we kicked off our week with a Welcome dinner.

Sunday morning we welcomed our pastor for the week, Pat Hand, the lead pastor at Wainfleet B.I.C Church, and our worship leader Gord Kentie. Following chapel a delicious roast beef lunch was served and everyone headed to the beach afterwards to enjoy the sunshine. Sunday afternoon we had lots of activities happening throughout the day and concluded our first full day with sundaes and floats in the lodge.

Monday was another beautiful day here at Family Camp. We began our morning with some staff testimonies, worship and dove into the word with Pat. Our afternoon activities were in full swing with water sports happening, the high ropes course open and crafts in the lower lodge. Monday evening families gathered under the Big Top to enjoy Trivia Night, followed by our Kahquah Update Meeting.

Tuesday was another gorgeous day. I awoke to the sound of the the Fretz’s boat as they enjoyed their usual 7 a.m morning ski. Chapel was full today, with another staff testimony, followed by songs of praise and a message from Pat. Afternoon activities were up and running, and our weekly Kahquah Carnival took place at the volleyball court at 7 p.m.


Wednesday was a rather cloudy day, but nonetheless families were out and about enjoying the day. After Chapel, Tammy Hand lead Zumba On The Beach and the beach was full, (even the boys were down there dancing about). Today seemed to be a nap day as many of our activities were slower than usual. During the evening, kids enjoyed a movie night with popcorn in the underground, and the Ladies were Crafting upstairs with snacks and all.

Thursday was a little bit cloudy but the sun managed to come out later in the afternoon. Chapel was full once again, but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Pat and his wife, Carol had to head out after chapel. Our weekly volleyball tournament took place at 3 p.m. Many competitive, talented teams were signed up; we even managed to put a staff team together. Advancing to the finals were the, “Drop-a-Hogg’s” (Laura and Tim Droppert, Graeme Hogg, and Ryan Chambers) and the Staff Team, (Kenny MacSweyn, Bridgley Vandermark, Justin Osolky and Hope Brownlee). However, because a few staff members had to work, they had to forfeit and the Drop-a-Hogg’s won, (mind you, I think the staff would have dominated otherwise). Haha! Thursday evening everyone came out to enjoy some Kahquah Talent in the Big Top and it was great.

Just like that, it’s as if we blinked and the last full day was here. The weather was perfect though, and many families spent the entire day at the beach. The lodge was full of friends and families at 8 p.m as everyone gathered for our Cafe night. Our euchre tournament was in full swing with 12 teams euchring it out, people were enjoying sweets and treats as well as participating in open mic. Can you guess who won the tournament? If you guessed the Droppert’s, you guessed right. Laura and Tim Droppert were the week 2 champions!

Saturday morning is here, people are packing up and getting ready to head out. It’s been a great week here with our very loved Week 2 Family Campers. We are looking forward to seeing you all next year.


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)

Family Camp – Week 1

Family Camp week 1 is well underway. Things have been going great and everyone is enjoying their week. We opened the gate on Saturday at 1:30 p.m (just 3 and a half hours after the campers departed), and kicked off our week with a Welcome BBQ. The Camp is full with over 200 family campers and staff members.

Sunday was full of sunshine. We welcomed Jim Lambert as he is our worship leader for the week and Tom Fenske as our Pastor for the week. Many of our staff members organized some great vbs classes for all different ages. Tom then guided us through Ephesians this week and challenged us to dive deeper with God and to explore the jam packed verses Paul writes within Ephesians. Sunday afternoon the children (and their parents) gathered by the beach for some picnic games and some even got out on the Camp boat to enjoy some tubing and water sports. During the evening there were sundaes and floats in the lodge to be enjoyed all, along with many games.

Monday was a beautiful sunny day as well. Family’s and friends were chair to chair and towel to towel on the beach all afternoon. Our Activity Hub was open from 2-5 and people got to experience our high ropes course and archery, share lots of laughs behind the Camp boat, be creative with crafts in the underground and to enjoy some sweets from our tuck shop. After dinner, our programmers planned a great trivia night for our loved Family Campers. Our new Directors for the year, Ryan and Amy Terpstra, hosted a “Meet The Directors” meeting and included a Kahquah update as well.

Just like that, Tuesday was here and another sunny day it was. Once again, Jim lead us in some wonderful worship and Tom challenged our hearts. The afternoon was great and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. From after lunch until dinner the lodge was completely empty, it was a fun filled afternoon. Tuesday night consisted of one of my favourites – The Kahquah Carnival! We transformed our volleyball court into a super carnival; kids were enjoying ring toss, sponge toss, getting their faces painted and many other games.

On Wednesday we had lots of activities planned, unfortunately, it was a rainy day here at Kahquah so some event got postponed. Family campers still got out to the beach to enjoy some rainy day swimming and tubing and many had a fun day playing games and watching movies in the lodge. Wednesday evening was our Ladies Craft and this week they made wall decors and boy did they look great. The little ones (and some adults) had a movie night in the underground. They watched, “Alice In Wonderland” and got to munch on some tasty popcorn as well.

Thursday was a day for the books. The sun was shining and there was lots going on. After lunch 10 canoes set out for there, “Canoe Day Trip” lead by our fearless Maintenance Manager, Kris Kaster. The group spent the afternoon paddling to and from a beautiful waterfall on Ahmic Lake and were back by 4:30 p.m. There was also a volleyball happening as well as our usual afternoon activities, (activity hub, water sports/tubing and crafts). After dinner we kicked off our evening with a Kahquah Talent Show, with sundaes and floats to follow.

Our last full day of Family Camp Week 1 has come to an end. Families were out enjoying the sunshine. The Bell Family took home the win at the sand castle building contest, but rumor on the street is that there were many creative castles. During the evening we had our weekly Friday Cafe night. People gathered in the lodge to enjoy some sweets, each other’s company and many participated in the euchre tournament. At the end of the evening, two of our staff members, Meredith Engle and Justin Osolky won the tournament and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Saturday morning was beautiful as people packed up and headed out. It was an amazing week here with our loved First Week Family Campers! We can’t wait to see you next year!


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)

The Final Friday

It was refreshing waking up this morning. The air was chilled and there was fog covering the lake; a beautiful sight to see. Morning activities were a go, except many campers felt quite tired this morning. Aspire then finished off the week strong as they lead flag raising and prayed for breakfast. We enjoyed a variety of muffins, cereal, yogurt and fruit.

Morning session in the Big Top began with a daily dance party, in hopes of waking everybody up and getting them excited. Laura sang, “Days Of Elijah”, “I Am Not Forgotten”, and a few other Camp favourites.

Although it was raining for session, the rain held off for first activity and everyone got a final chance to conquer their major for the week, or enjoy an activity of choice. The theme for today was, “Marvel.” Cabins came dressed as superheros from far and wide. Chicken wraps and veggies were served for lunch and the last round of lunch time songs were sung.

Campers got to choose up to six items today from tuck, (the idea is that they save at least three items to enjoy while on the bus tomorrow, but sometimes the self-control is limited). On they went to second and third activity to get some last craft time in, to experience high ropes, archery and tubing. There was a little bit of rain for about 20 minutes during second activity but none the less; on it went.

Free swim was open and available to all, however only a few cabins were there. Most of the girls were getting dress-up for tonight’s banquet dinner with their leaders. It’s an unwritten rule that for Fridays dinner during Summit, everyone comes, “dressed to impress”. After a delicious dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, corn and salad; cabins gathered outside to take picture with each other. I also managed to get some cabin pictures from the week. Here are your very well dressed, amazing kids.


Here’s your Aspire team!

The final Camp wide game began just after pictures were complete. Tonight’s game was a relay. Teams had to choose designated runners and swimmers to compete in specific running and swimming events throughout the race. BUT, here’s the catch: teams were required to carry their giant rocket ship they made on Sunday (a couple rockets are up to five feet tall). After a very competitive game, team ASI took the win!

Tonight’s Big Top time was so incredible. You could feel God in this place. Nolan discussed how Jesus makes things different than in Exodus. He explained that Jesus comes in and lifts us up, He pulls us from the muck and mud of our sin and shame. Nolan had been preparing us for when we go home all week, at the end of his talk he handed out glow sticks. The glow sticks represented us as stars; he then explained how each one is so unique and how we can be a light where ever we go. The session ended with a 45 minute dance party and glow sticks being waved high.

AND the winners of the week are… ASI! Each team did so good and put forth an amazing effort. ASI celebrated there victory with, “Out Of This World, Galaxy Swirl Cupcakes,” (made by our very own Cyndy Cober).

After some major awards and highlights, everyone headed to bed. Well that’s a wrap on Summit. A huge thank you to our Program Directors; Chloe Murphy, Noah Martin, and Keiran Hogg. Also a huge THANK YOU to YOU all, for sending your kids to Kahquah, we couldn’t have done it without our amazing campers! Until next year Summit campers.


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)

A Jam Packed Thursday

Day 5 of Summit 2018 complete. Today it was a beautiful, brisk morning with an average temperature of 18°C. Morning activities were well on there way by 7:45 a.m (with a few exceptions, due to some cabins failing to awake for the wake-up bell). Aspire crushed flag raising once again, and a hundred campers lined up to enjoy some baked oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, and fruit.


Teatherball, always an enjoyable morning activity.

Today was the day Crew had their solo’s in the afternoon so our amazing Aspire took over their cleaning responsibilities for the day. Each tribe got a taste of each responsibility by rotating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to either kitchen, hospitality or programming and they did a wonderful job!

Cabins were cleaned just in time for our daily pre-worship dance party. Each and every leader was scattered throughout the Big Top jumping and shouting to begin and within minutes the campers were joining in too.

First activity rolled around rather quickly this morning and everyone was off aiming to achieve the next level up in their major, relaxing on the beach or putting their creative mind to work at crafts.

The overall theme for today is, “Star Wars”. The lunch time dress-up challenge was to dress your cabin leader. Every cabin went all out and did absolutely amazing, support staff were out on the porch as well checking out the dress-ups. Baked potatoes, chili, broccoli, veggies and a variety of toppings were served for lunch with a colourful fruit tray for dessert.

Off they went to tuck and bunk to enjoy some sweets. Then, everyone excitedly ran off to their second and third activities. Thankfully the thunder and rain held off and the sun came out! Campers were busy doing archery, low ropes, high ropes, water sports, tubing, crafts, wilderness and beach activity; the water mat even came out for the campers to enjoy. Free swim was a smashing success as well. There was a line-up to swim off the dock, and a football toss happening at the beach.

Dinner tonight was an outside BBQ. Aspire helped to prepare and clean-up at the end as cabins enjoyed their hamburgers and hot dogs outside. A fun volleyball game was also started as well.

There were lots of events happening tonight. The campers played, “Douce The Aspire” (a spin-off of “Douce The Flames” due to the extreme fire ban). Following the game, the annual Crew vs. Aspire Relay Challenge took place and Aspire took the WIN! Then, when all the cabins headed to campfire the LITs had their LIT Graduation. During the Graduation, they enjoyed some treats & sweets, and each earned a certificate awarded to them based on their talents, skills or a funny memory. Today was a day for the books here at Kahquah, that’s for sure.


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)


A “Dress To Impress” Wednesday

Today was full of sunshine, new friends, singing and dancing, camp-outs, macaroni and lots of fun. It started off well with some great morning activities, followed by flag raising led by Aspire campers. Cabin by cabin, campers raced to line up for breakfast to consume some egg and cheese wraps, cereal, yogurt and an assortment of fruit.

This morning’s worship was grand. Before worship began a few cabin leaders were appointed “DJ” and created an atmosphere where jumping and shouting were encouraged. After four songs had been sung the crowd began chanting, “One more song” over and over again until our incredible Worship Leader agreed to play one more.

Each slot for first activity was at full capacity and the campers were having a great time! The theme for today is, “Men in Black.” Cabins were encouraged to, “dress to impress” for lunch, and enjoyed a fancy lunch of homemade macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and veggies for lunch. As per usual the lunch time songs were extravagant. Creative leaders and campers were singing the songs with their own twist. Leaders were being called to do handstands in the middle of the lodge, instructed to count to 100, and to go run and grab a handful of sand from the beach in 30 seconds.

Shout out to our nurse for the week, Trinda Crawford! Trinda has been our Waterfront Director for the last two years. She has now finished school and is a nurse! Trinda was here for Nova and is back for Summit! We so appreciate her.

37866213_1789338651147206_1897863279787638784_nSecond and third activity were jam-packed as well. The sun came out and a sun shower occurred! Campers conquered high ropes, archery and learned lots in wilderness thanks to Uncle Henney’s expertise.

Everyone was splashing around during free swim today with a few Marco Polo games going on and some Jackpot rounds as well. Chicken burgers, french fries and salad were served for dinner with scrumptious chocolate chip brownies for dessert.

The Camp wide game tonight was a rather new one, but a favourite to be sure. It’s called “Diamond Smugglers”, and includes robbers, smugglers, and cops. The teams of the week are split into these three different categories and are each trying to accomplish a specific task. The base of each category is then assigned a location on Camp and the individuals from that category are to report there with their findings throughout the game. Please refer to the images below to view some “smuggling” happening here at Kahquah.

To update you on Outdoor X, here are some photos from their day trip yesterday to the waterfall. Today they left for Crown Island to enjoy a camp out there for the night and are returning tomorrow morning. Here’s a short and sweet guest post that I received from Amanda Reist while they are on the island… “Tonight’s adventure consisted of a pontoon ride over to Crown Island for an over night stay. After setting up the tents, we enjoyed a sunset swim off the island and changed into warmer clothes before casting their lines into the water and even caught a few fish. They are extremely excited to sleep under the stars and enjoy God’s creation!”


During the evening session, Nolan unpacked the concept of “I am.” He discussed that God reveals who He is: that He is a compassionate, loving God who desires to be close to us.

Our incredible Crew lead campfire tonight and they did an amazing job, they lead us in “Buff Squirrel” (a spin-off of Brown Squirrel), “JC Penny,” and a few other camp classics. But, just when we thought it was time for bed, a surprise night game was announced! Tonight’s night game included a car that was parked up on the hill, between the lodge and the road. The objective of the game was to honk the cars horn, however, staff members were placed around the car with flashlights attempting to shine the light on campers. If you were seen, you had to go back to the campfire and restart your attempt to honk the horn. Heading to bed, we are ready for a new day at CK!


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)

Tuesdays with ET

Day 3 of Summit was one for the books. The overall theme for today is ET. Everyone started off their day with morning activities. I hear Uncle Nicoletta lead yoga on the beach this morning and over half the Camp was there, thanks Nicoletta! Aspire then lead us in Flag Raising, and a delicious breakfast of yogurt parfaits, cereal, and watermelon was served.


Grace, Nicole, Ben & Isaiah leading Flag Raising.

During morning session we learned about how, “Our God Saves” and how God desires to have a relationship with us. He explained that Moses’ name means to “put out or to draw from” and he connected that to what God wants from us. God wants to be all in with us. Nolan then encouraged the campers to go to their cabin leaders with questions and that he is available whenever as well. Laura Osburn lead us in some great worship as well. This morning we sang, “I Am Not Forgotten,” “Good Good Father,” “No One Else,” and “Alive.”

The sun came out for 1st activity and there was lots going on. Campers were enjoying crafts, water sports, pontoon fishing, kayaking, beach activity and a few brave souls even signed up for boot camp major, lead by two of our fearless leaders – Uncle Daniel and Uncle Butter!

Just like that it was lunch time and with today’s theme of “ET” each cabin was on a mission. They had to somehow sneak into the lodge and be sitting at their tables by 12:30 p.m. Some cabins took the creative attempt and dressed up as kitchen staff and snuck in that way, others attempted to bolt into the lodge, weaving around staff members as they patrolled around the lodge. Within 20 minutes all cabins had successfully made it to their tables and were ready to eat some sandwiches.

The rain held off for second and third activity and everyone got to enjoy being outdoors. Unfortunately, due to the pouring rain and thunder free swim was cancelled and the campers watched, “Sing.”

Matt and Amanda Reist, our canoe trip experts, took Brayden, Carter, Jordan, Jenna and Catherine out on there day trip. They paddled to a gorgeous waterfall right on Ahmic Lake and enjoyed lunch on a rock nearby. Jared Long (there lifeguard and nature guru) caught several crayfish and eventually a large bass. He then brought it back to Camp and fried it up for all the campers to taste. Thankfully, they made it back safe and sound just before the rain started.

Jenn prepared some delicious meatballs, rice, vegetables and salad for dinner with freshly made cookies for dessert. Our evening game was “Octopus” with a twist. Each individual had to successful cross one part of Camp to get to the other side without getting tagged and becoming “seaweed.” BUT there was also an, “ET” and each team got one (the ET was a large stuffed animal), if the person carrying the ET successfully made it to the other side they would earn extra points for there team.

After two full days of earning points for their team – INTA has taken the lead with CSA in a close second. Tune in tomorrow to read more about what’s going on here at Kahquah and find out if INTA is still in first.


INTA in 1st!


Your Camp Kahquah Family


Monday Blast-off

Our first day of Summit was a “blast!” The day started off with a few rain clouds in the sky, but by 10 a.m the sun was out and everyone was enjoying there day.

During session in the Big Top Nolan uncovered some great truth. Today he dove into Exodus – he mentioned how it’s easy to think Exodus is about the Israelities leaving after first reading it, but really it’s about family and how God was present through that. Nolan shared some of his story and what “family” has looked like for him. He addressed how it’s easy to look for who we are in a worldly way but God tells us to come, and seek Him for that direction. Nolan concluded by encouraging us – he said that we all have a story and that we are all so incredibly unique.

First activity was wild and began shortly after some small group discussion. We had beach activity, canoeing, kayaking, water sports, gaga ball, boot camp, bracelet making, archery and ropes; and each activity was full.

Crew got to experience the water mat today after some Monday morning responsibilities. Some wrestling matches occurred and at the end Anna Droppert was crowned the female winner, with Owen VanVoorst taking 1st place for the boys. Yay Crew!

After first activity everyone raced to their cabins to prepare for todays lunch time dress-up of Space. Many air cadets came from far and wide dressed in there finest space ware. Taco salad was served, with fruit to follow and many lunch time songs were sung.

After tuck and bunk 2nd activity was well underway. Cookie baking was a big hit – the campers even made extra to share with some of the staff. Three different types of fish were caught out on the Pontoon Boat and beach activity had some great games of Jackpot happening. Aunt Kayla is leading ukulele major for the week and we had some pros who already knew each and every chord. During free swim there was a large line at the dock – it was very hot and muggy here throughout the day, as it only rained for about 2 minutes in-between activities.

Chicken, potato wedges, beans and salad were served for dinner, with a Camp favourite; chocolate pudding for dessert. After dinner everyone prepared for Capture The Flag across the road. Tonight they combined the four teams into two separate teams for the game and it was a success!

During session #2 tonight we had about 175 people in the Big Top – it was really amazing to see such a huge group in one confined space praising Jesus and learning more about Him. Everybody raced to the campfire after session where the cabin leaders lead us through, “The Little Green Frog,” “The Wee Skit” and a few other favourites. Our first full day in space was super!