Quest – Day 5

The final day of Quest has arrived! There is no doubt Quest campers had an adventurous week all around!

Friday morning began with the wake up bell and morning activities! Next up was breakfast of warm pastries, oatmeal, cereal, fruit and yogurt cups.


Today we are exploring the Americas as our final continental stop on our Quest around the globe! Campers cleaned their cabins and then headed to Big Top for our final session of the week with Christina. We explored the final letter of the word “Faith.” Heart. Campers were encouraged to understanding what it means to take heart – like Gideon did when he was faced with a challenge. Cabins headed into small groups to write notes for one another to encourage each other in their lives after camp!

First activity was next, and campers worked hard at their last day of their majors. Activities were in full swing as the sun began to come out and the cool breeze of the morning faded.

The lunch theme for today was sports teams and cabins came dressed up as all sorts of teams!

There were lots of songs that followed the hearty lunch of soups and cheese biscuits with veggies.

The LITs also returned from their canoe trip with all sorts of anecdotes and tales of their adventures!

Campers headed off to their cabins for tuck and bunk and shortly after were on the way to their second and third activities! Wilderness headed out in search of all sorts of creatures, climbers were in full swing, and the beach was once again bustling with activity.


Free swim followed with lots of laughter, play, games and conversations!


It was off to dinner next – chicken legs, cooked carrots, and potato wedges. There was even a very special ice cream sundae bar enjoyed by all!


Camp-wide game happened next across the road – it was capture the flag! Cabin Leaders vs. Campers – and the campers won!

Cabins headed down to campfire for skits, songs, and major certificates. Pastor Christina led us in a final devotional and campers received their certificates from their activity majors before heading up to their cabins for the last night here at Kahquah!

The purple team won the week, and they enjoyed some floats in the lodge before lights out!

Tomorrow morning the bell will wake us up, cabins will be packed up, and campers will eat breakfast and make their way back home.

It has been an incredible week, with an incredible group of campers and hard working cabin leaders and staff!

‘Til next time!

Quest – Day 4

The morning began a bit overcast and it was a slower start to the day as campers were up later last night for the night game. Everyone slept in a little longer and headed down to breakfast at the bell. Breakfast was yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, and cereal! A great way to kickoff the day!

At breakfast campers learned that today they were heading to Antarctica on their Quest adventure. Everyone headed back to their cabins for clean up to be the neatest of them all!

Cabins then made their way to the Big Top to learn about how Gideon had developed trust in his journey of faith. Campers and leaders shared stories of times they felt it was hard to trust what they couldn’t see. Cabins headed back to small groups to write a poem or rap on the topic of trust in their lives.

It was off to first activity afterwards. Across the road, campers took on the high ropes course, aimed at the targets in archery, and trekked through the wilderness.

Campers challenged their leaders in sports, and the waterfront was teaming with activities.

From activity one, campers headed back to their cabins to dress up for lunch. The theme was “Save the Penguins.” Everyone was up for the dress-up challenge! We had some yummy chicken tender wraps and veggies for lunch with popsicles for dessert!


It was back to cabins after lunch for tuck and bunk before diving right into afternoon activities!

Free swim followed, and all sorts of beach and water fun was had by all!

A great dinner of ham and scalloped potatoes with green beans and salad was consumed and a scrumptious apple crumble was on the menu for dessert.

Cabins headed out to prepare for the camp wide game of Douse the Crew. The game consisted of getting the Crew wet as they hid inside handmade structures in an attempt to not get hit by water balloons from the opposing teams!

Campers then prepared for campfire and headed down to enjoy some hilarious skits and silly songs with a reflection before heading back up to their cabins for snack and lights out!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our final blog update of the week!

Quest – Day 3

Our Wednesday kicked off with excitement once campers were awakened first thing by the bell and were on their way to morning activities!

Breakfast was a delectable breakfast cake with apples/berries and cereal, yogurt, and fruit. Campers learned that today on their Quest Adventure they would be heading to Asia!


From breakfast they headed back to their cabins to clean up cabins before making their way down to Big Top.

At Big Top we learned about the next letter in the word faith. “Initiative.” We discussed the initiative that Gideon had to take in order to narrow down his men for the attack against Midian. Cabins then headed back to small groups to act out ways that they can show initiative in their lives. It’s been great to see campers engage in the big group, and then be able to unpack it further in small groups.


Afterwards it was right into 1st activity! Several campers challenged themselves at water sports, spent time coasting on the water in Kayaks, swam at the beach, and played in the sand at the beach. Others spent time making lava lamps at mad science, trekking in the wilderness and leaping to new heights at the high ropes course!


Lunch time ensued, and today’s dress up theme was “Chinese New Year.” Campers arrived decked out in some superb attire! Everyone worked hard to eat their meal with chopsticks! It was quite the challenge to eat macaroni & cheese and hotdogs without forks!


Many songs were sung around the tables before campers headed to tuck and bunk for some tasty treats (though somewhat colourful like fruit, the treats they enjoyed were more sugary in style 🙂 yet I firmly believe they will burn all the energy from their tuck treats by the time the week is up.)

Afternoon activities followed! Between 2nd and 3rd activities campers enjoyed a refreshing “sprinkler” to cool down during Hydration station.

Free swim was up next, and it was an activity that did not disappoint. There was some wild sand creations happening, and lots of laughs and good chats on the waterfront!

Then it was off to dinner where we enjoyed some sweet chicken and mixed veggies with spring rolls and rice. After dinner campers headed back to their cabins to prepare for the camp-wide game. The game was in the style of “minute to win it” games and campers completed a range of activities to test their game show abilities!


Campfire was next – led by the CREW who did a stellar job!

However, right when everyone arrived down at the campfire pit it began to pour! We quickly relocated to the Big Top, where we enjoyed several skits and songs the CREW creatively put together.


There had been tentative plans for a late night game, and the weather cleared enough for the game to happen! Campers scurried around in a game involving a car, a horn, and a lot of running!

They then headed to their cabins with their evening snack, and settled down for the night. Tomorrow campers have the opportunity to sleep in a little longer – due to the extra game added in tonight!

Stay tuned for Thursday Quest adventures tomorrow! 🙂

Quest – Day 2

Day 2 of Quest started off early for the LIT’s this morning! The group packed up last night and headed out early to begin their 4 day trek into Algonquin park!

Campers were up and at morning activities by 7:45 and headed to breakfast. After enjoying breakfast of egg burritos with hashbrowns, cereal, fruit and yogurt. While at breakfast campers discovered they were heading to Australia today!

Everyone cruised back to their cabins for cabin cleanup and headed down to Big Top for their second session with Pastor Christina. Today we unpacked the second letter of the word “Faith” looking at what it meant for Gideon to “Accept” God choosing him. We compared it to moments in our lives where we might feel like we have a hard time being accepted.


Campers headed to small groups to unpack the message a little more.

By 11am everyone headed to their first activity of the day! The high ropes campers were climbing at the wall, the archers were in full swing, and the wilderness majors were deep in exploration! Other exciting activities ensued around camp!

Lunch time was surfer buds themed – all cabins came dressed up in their best surfing attire! Loaded baked potatoes and salad were enjoyed by all! Songs were sung and many people spent time running around the tables happily clapping along.

Up next was tuck and bunk – delectable snacks were enjoyed by all.

Campers were ready and headed out to their 2nd activity of the day. Cookie baking was in full swing, beachfront activities were a big splash.

After a brief hydration break – it was on to third activity followed right after by Free Swim. 

Campers then shuffled down to dinner in time to enjoy a fun dinner at their cabins of hamburgers/sausages on a bun with veggies and popsicles.

Campers received instructions for the camp-wide game which was a Quadrathlon! It included a long line of “over under,” a canoe and kayaking challenge, a swim challenge, and a sword drill challenge. Three rounds were completed before campers drank a LOT of water and raced to the finish!

20190709_193502Postgame tiredness ensued but campers still headed down to the campfire with enough energy to sing some silly songs, enjoy some silly skits and listen to a night time reflection with Pastor Christina. Head on over to the Camp Kahquah instagram story for an inside look at campfire shenanigans tonight!

It was off to cabins with a bedtime snack, and lights out will follow shortly!

Thanks for tuning in today! Check back tomorrow for a Wednesday Update!

Quest – Day 1

Greetings friends of Kahquah, camp family, and fellow blog sojourners!

Quest has officially begun!

Campers arrived late afternoon yesterday and you could just feel the buzz. Each camper was warmly welcomed by Kahquah staff at registration and then were introduced to their cabin leaders for the week. Campers received their Quest passport with all of the continents that they will be visiting on their epic world journey this week.

After settling their belongings into cabins – campers headed to the dining hall to enjoy a delectable meal of spaghetti and caesar salad with soft garlic bread to top it off!

Once everyone was filled with dinner – they headed back to their cabins to get ready for a 10-stop station activity. During these stations campers completed their swim tests, met the nurse, the person in charge of tuck, the camp Pastor,  went over camp rules and guidelines, and completed their activity selection for the week.

Next up, everyone headed to the Big Top to find out their teams, and create their unique team names for the week. There are three teams this week made up of the different cabins: Cheeto-Dorito, Porky Wood Run, and Purple Kool-Aid.

Campers then headed back to their cabins for snack and lights out!

Everyone seemed tuckered out and ready for a good nights sleep before the first full day of Quest!

.  .  .

Today has been a great start to the adventure that is this week. 


The day started with a wake up bell and attendance at morning activities. Campers could head on a wilderness trek, polar dip, aerobics, or take a shower before breakfast.

A hearty breakfast of muffins, oatmeal, cereal, fruit and yogurt was enjoyed and gave us all fuel for the morning ahead!

After a swift cabin clean (where campers organize their cabin in an attempt to win points for neatness) everyone headed to the first Big Top of the week!

At Big Top campers sang songs with some fun actions, and listened to Pastor Christina share about the adventure of faith they will be embarking on this week. Through learning about the story of Gideon and his experience of faith, campers and cabin leaders alike are building a story of faith of their own this week. Each day a letter of the word “Faith” is teaching us of the ways we experience God and faith in our own lives. The word of the day was “FLABBERGASTED.” When Gideon was called by God to defeat Midian he felt like he just couldn’t do it.  He was surprised and bewildered at the request! Cabins headed to small groups to draw out what flabbergasted feels like and how they might have felt if they were in Gideon’s shoes.

From there campers prepared themselves for their first activities of the day! Some headed down to the water, while others learned how to tie knots and prepare for their time at the high and low ropes courses. Mad science was happening too, campers were taught how to make it rain inside a jar using nothing other than science! 

Lunch was next on the agenda and campers came dressed up and ready for a Safari! The menu was Taco salad! There were some very creative cabin dress up themes.


Campers headed back to their cabins for tuck and bunk – where they enjoyed some snacks and treats before their afternoon activities ensued.

All sorts of laughs were heard around camp as campers and leaders alike enjoyed an afternoon of climbing, crafting, swimming, canoeing, tubing and more!

It was a warm afternoon so lots of water fun ensued at Free Swim.

Up next was dinner – Chicken nuggets, fries and a mixed salad, with ice cream sandwiches for dessert. A nice treat on a hot day!

Campers geared up for their first camp wide game of the week and embarked on a “safari” search for the wild animals. It was a race to find all the animals on the safari first!

Everyone headed back to their cabins afterward and prepared for campfire.

Several skits were enjoyed, songs were sung, laughs were had, and campers then headed to their cabins for snack and lights out. 

Overall a great day!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Quest tales of adventure!



NOVA 2019 – Day 6

It is hard to believe that the last full day of camp is here! This morning started off as the hottest one yet. Morning activities included a polar bear dip and fishing on the dock! We also had turnovers for breakfast with oatmeal, yogurt and cereal.

In Chapel we talked about how, just as Mario can defeat Bowser, with God’s help can defeat the Devil. No matter what gets thrown our way each day, God will defeat it. Our verse of the day was Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Lunch was homemade soup and cheese buns! This took us to tuck and bunk time where we got much needed rest before our afternoon activities. A nice breeze made the heat bearable but everyone was in the lake by free swim!

Dinner was a banquet meal of ham, scallop potatoes, and mixed veggies. For dessert we had an ice cream sundae bar! It was a great way to end a hot day.

Tonight at camp wide game, all of the Super Mario characters from this week helped us battle Bowser and his minions (capture the flag) – AND WE WON!
Soon we will be off to our final campfire and snack! And then the sun will set on this year’s Kubbies and Nova camps!

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

NOVA 2019 – Day 5

Thursday was sleep-in day today which means no morning activities. It was a lovely cool morning. It’s hard to believe that it’s Thursday already! The heat kicked in quickly and reached 31 degrees again today! Thankfully we can cool off and enjoy this beautiful weather at free swim everyday.
For breakfast we enjoyed oatmeal and parfaits. The kitchen team sure knows how to feed us! We were visited by Yoshi and had fun watching him run around the camp all day.
At Big Top this morning, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Christiane talked about Yoshi and how he is similar to the Armour of God. This little dragon has the ability to do so many things to help Mario complete the levels and rescue the Princess. We learned that God has given us our own Yoshi – it’s not a cute dinosaur but the Armour of God! When we intentionally put it on every day we are able to stand more firmly against the devil’s wily schemes.

After our delicious sandwich lunch, we created our very own Mario carts and later today will be racing them! Despite the warm temperatures, we had a fun afternoon of activities and enjoyed extra time at free swim.

Dinner tonight was meatballs, rice & green beans – yummy! After a very sweaty camp-wide game, we had a shortened campfire with a surprise NIGHT GAME! We ran all over camp looking for Yoshi coins that Bowser had scattered everywhere. Because we helped him, Yoshi says he’ll help us fight Bowser tomorrow – wish us luck – we’ll let you know how it goes!