Welcome Blaze Campers! Day 1


Our Blaze campers got here safely and happily this evening! Our counselors excitedly greeted them as they walked off the bus, and helped all their campers move into their cabins for the week. Once the supper bell rang at 5:30, famished campers made their way to the dining hall for some spaghetti and bread, with fresh cookies ready for them for dessert.

Our new Crew team also arrived today! We are so eager to have this new team for the next two weeks and to start getting to know them better!


Once our programmers, Jordanne and Abbey, introduced themselves, the campers were released to get ready for their swim tests. This week’s theme for Blaze is “Spy Academy”. The lake was a little chilly after a day of on-and-off rain, but it was refreshing for the campers after such a long trip up. The campers then headed back to their cabins to get changed for Underground, where they had a bit of worship; Pastor Aaron introduced himself and a little bit of what the campers are going to learn this week. From there, the campers got their flashlights and bug spray ready for their first campfire, and then headed to bed to get a good rest in for tomorrow’s start to the week! We’re very excited to see what this week holds!



Blog & Pictures By: Karley Sider

Juras-sick Park Friday – Quest & Bravo Day 6


It was certainly a “sick” last day of Bravo and Quest today (in the best of terms). It started off with a filling breakfast of apple and raspberry turnovers, with campers quickly lining up afterwards to choose their last activities for the day. Once that and cabin clean-up occurred, everyone packed into the Underground for some last messages from Pastor Janet. The weather wasn’t very kind here today and was either overcast or rainy, but luckily it didn’t pour for the important outside daytime activities. Regardless of the weather, it was great to see how the campers took advantage of their final day at camp and relished in every last minute!

For lunch dress-up today, campers dressed up as the dinosaurs they drew for lunch yesterday. We’ll be sad to see all these inventive campers leave, their imaginations have been a treat to witness this week!



Our lovely Bravo campers put on an amazing show for the whole camp today! Their talent shone on the theater floor and it was such an enjoyment watching their hard work being translated into a great play. Nat and Charis beamed with pride watching this production take flight, and rounds of applause’s could be heard echoing through the camp once all contributors took a collective bow.DSC_0755DSC_0809DSC_0852DSC_0862DSC_0864DSC_0868DSC_0872DSC_0886DSC_0888DSC_0896DSC_0897

Once supper (of chicken, vegetables, noodles, and ice cream for dessert) was eaten, the campers got ready for the camp-wide game. For this game, the power had gone out in Jurassic Park and the raptors had been set loose. The campers were in a mad scramble to save all their resources from the dinosaurs (aka. their wild cabin leaders). It was a crazy, awesome game to end the week! After campfire, campers headed back to their bunks for the last time – tomorrow morning they will be headed back home!

It has been such a privilege to have such an amazing group of campers here this week. Watching them face their fears, bond with their cabins, and embrace every twist and turn that both the dinosaurs and weather threw their way brought so much joy to all of us at Kahquah. We are sad to see them go, but already excited to see them return next year, older, maybe wiser and ready for a new adventure.



Out-stego-ing Dino Thursday


Our Thursday morning here at Quest & Bravo started out with some pretty bleary weather, but it cleared right up very quickly and therefore didn’t derail any plans for the day! Campers had some yogurt parfait after morning activities for breakfast, and headed back to their cabins to get ready for Underground. After hearing today’s message, they headed out for some exercise! First activity wrapped up quickly and campers were fairly hungry as a result, so they eagerly gathered in the dining hall for some subs for lunch! Dress-up included cabin’s collectively drawing their own made-up dinosaur, which would be evaluated and graded for winners!






Today Pastor Janet continued talking about struggles, and more specifically, relationship struggles. She showed the campers a picture of a brick wall, and explained how in real life we are all connected like a brick wall. There are people over us in relationships (ie. parents) and people under us (ie. younger siblings); we are surrounded by relationships, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are challenging. Janet talked about the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and how sometimes we need people or friends in our lives that help us choose to trust God. She had Aunt Avarie come to the front of the room and had her carry a backpack. As Avarie and her hypothetical friends had disagreements, Janet started throwing in pebbles and big rocks into her bag that represented the problems from relationships. She talked about how some of us go through life like that, we get hurt from our relationships and we carry those hurts like a backpack full of rocks, which weigh us down. Although there’s good news! God has an anecdote, although it’s not easy. The best way to deal with these rocks on our backs is to practice forgiveness. It’s a choice we have to make, not a feeling, but it frees us from the heaviness of hurting. Janet challenged the campers today to focus on those who have hurt them and to work towards forgiving them!




The sun started peeking out just in time for second and third activities to begin. Our ropes courses were filled with campers monkeying around, knot just on our high ropes course but on our low ropes course as well. Our archers were hitting bullseyes, and our beach volleyballer’s were serving up some good skills on the volleyball court! It’s awesome to see campers enjoying and being so involved in their activities, we’ve loved seeing their progress throughout the week. Once free swim wrapped up, campers headed to dinner for poutine and salad. The camp-wide game occurred immediately afterwards, with Pictionary being on the game list tonight! Another Underground session helped cool off and calm down all the excitement, and with that, campers headed to campfire lead by some of the support staff. There was a little twist tonight, and that was a night-time game that our programming leaders set up! There were glow-in-the-dark rocks spread around Camp that the campers had to gather in order to gain points for their team! After this surprise event, campers tiredly headed to bed for a good sleep, since tomorrow is their last full day here at Camp Kahquah!

Blog & Pictures By: Karley Sider

A Magnifi-saurus Wednesday

We are officially half-way through our week at Quest/Bravo, and everyone’s feeling pretty good here at Camp! Right off the bat, everyone was up for a breakfast in the dining hall for breakfast cake (which is oatmeal with raspberries or blueberries on top), and then out the door to sign up for their activities for the day. Once cabin clean-up and Underground were through, campers headed out for a long day of outdoor events, with campers in majors becoming more and more talented at their chosen activity! It was an overcast and cool day today with the threat of rain looming over the Camp, but luckily it held off so everyone could continue enjoying the great outdoors.

Our Bravo campers continued running through their show of “Brother Bear” today, making sure to start figuring out costuming and stage direction. Nat & Charis have been working extremely hard to get this play up-and-running, and have been whipping everything into shape! Tonight, all the Bravo campers are taking a bit of a break to relax, chat, and listen to some music



Today in Underground, Pastor Janet had a couple campers come up to the front to participate in an activity. She had some donuts on a string, and the campers had to eat if off the string without using their hands. However, the campers found it very difficult to do and struggled to complete the task. Janet used this illustration to connect with the Bible story of Daniel, a man who faced many struggles in his life. She explained how Daniel chose to eat vegetables and good food for his body, and not eat from the feasts the King gave full of unhealthy foods; because of this, Daniel ended up very strong. Janet connected Daniel’s chosen way of living to our lives, using the phrase, “You are what you eat”. We need to fill our lives with the healthy things and keep away from the evil things – if you surround yourself with good things for the soul, you keep a healthy life. But if we fill ourselves with the bad things, we’ll live a sick or unsustainable life.



Our lunch dress-up today involved dressing as detectives or security guards. We had our very own Kahquah secret service show up to tackle Uncle Noah, and who repeatedly played “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle until lunch was served. Clearly we have some imaginative campers and cabin leaders this year!

Our Crew had a nice break today from their duties today to play a game of beach volleyball. Their time is slowly wrapping up here, and we’re cherishing the time we have left with them!



Once second and third activities passed, campers headed to the beach for some more fun times during free swim. Supper time was a welcomed meal, with meatballs, rice, and chocolate pudding on the menu! Dishes were quickly cleaned off, and campers headed out for their camp-wide game. Tonight’s game involved decoding a puzzle in order to find a key that was stolen, which ended up being hidden on the Hiawatha trail. Although it started spitting outside, the campers were still able to complete and have fun with the game! The key they found allowed them to watch a video showing Judith Jones (aka. Aunt Jordanne) sabotaging the Park! By the time it started pouring it was campfire time, so we held the campfire underneath the big tent by the lodge. Once it finished up, everyone was officially exhausted. Tired campers trudged back to their cabins for sweet dreams and a good night’s rest tonight.

Blog & Pictures By: Karley Sider

An Egg-cellent Tourist Tuesday – Quest/Bravo Day 3


Campers were settling into the regular Camp Kahquah schedule this morning, as they woke from deep sleeps for another exciting day at Quest & Bravo! Once muffins of all flavors and cereal were consumed for breakfast, campers headed to their cabins for a bit of cabin clean-up and then back to Underground. It was another beautiful day here at Camp, allowing for a sun-filled afternoon bursting with activity!

For lunch dress-up this afternoon, campers were instructed to dress like tourists, like those from Jurassic Park. We had some fun entertainment for this meal, with one cabin completely sunbathing on the lodge porch and another cabin using a selfie stick to take multiple selfies! There was a lot of hiked up shorts, sunscreen-filled noses, and hungry stomachs, which led to everyone eating a well-deserved lunch of taco salad and watermelon




For Underground today, Pastor Janet talked about how we are made for God’s glory, and that the Bible tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Janet then called up Uncle Nick and Aunt Katie and had the campers point out their physical differences as well as their personality differences. Once everyone had come up with a fairly long list, Janet talked about how there is not one person in this world that is the same, because God created each one of us and knows us individually; He is so interested in the details of who we are and wants to be involved in those details. Janet then drew from a story from the Old Testament, the life of Hagar from the book of Genesis, who was a servant to Abraham and Sarah. She was sent to the desert twice, once of her own volition to run away and the second time because she was sent away by Sarah. But both times God spoke to her, reminding her that He had not forgotten her, that he still loved and had plans for her life. Hagar was a servant and at the bottom of society, but God loved her the same. We need to be reminded that God loves us all no matter who we are or what we do. He knows the things about us that nobody else knows and we need to look to God in the hardships and joys in our lives




Second and third activity flew by with campers enjoying every moment, and free swim was packed with everyone enjoying the coolness of the water! Once everyone was dried off, they headed back to the dining hall for some supper of ham, corn, and scalped potatoes. The camp-wide game tonight was “Gold Rush” except it was modified so the campers had to collect dino-eggs spread around Camp instead! They had to be careful though, because there were greedy park rangers running about trying to steal their eggs!

Our Bravo campers have been hard at work memorizing their scripts today! They were also working intensely on both the music and the music choreography – tonight, they had a little rest with a movie night watching “Brother Bear” to continue staying in the theatre headspace. Our Crew kids also had the chance tonight to go to Magnetawan via the pontoon boat for some ice cream!





After the camp-wide game, everyone headed down to campfire, which was run by our LIT’s tonight! They handled this sacred responsibility well, and did an amazing job with the skits and the songs. After a snack and some devotional time, the campers snuggled back into their beds for the night, ready for another awesome day tomorrow!


Blog & Pictures By: Karley Sider


The Opposite of Pteroible Monday – Quest/Bravo Day 2

Our first complete day of Quest and Bravo was off to a great start this morning, with early morning activities in full swing and excited campers exploring their new home for the week! After a quick morning devotional at flag raising, staff and campers walked into the dining hall for a meal of breakfast burritos. As they walked into the lodge, the big, mysterious egg that was found at campfire last night was sitting in full view by the front of the door. The campers chatted excitedly about it for the duration of the meal, and continued to be hyped up for Underground and for first activities!


It was a sunny but cool day here at Camp Kahquah, but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying a busy day outside! The lake activities were eventful, with watersports, beach, canoeing, and kayaking being used to their full potential. All majors were starting today, with eager campers ready to learn the ropes of these new experiences.














Lunch between activities was pizza bagels – a fun food for a fun day! All the campers dressed as (mad) scientists for lunch dress-up. Each cabin showed up in their best attire, and it was super hard to choose a winner!






For Underground today, Pastor Janet expanded on the idea of stories, and how generally there are two different kinds of characters: the good and the bad. She talked about how God and Satan are the epitome of good and bad; although God has been here from the beginning, Satan has not, as he was created by God himself. Janet had bible verses taped to the bottom of camper’s chairs, and brought the chosen campers up to the front to read descriptions of who God is (ex. All knowing, eternal, good, kind, loving). She explained how the first, original conflict occurred when Satan wanted something that he didn’t have and didn’t trust God for what he needed, which was the reason why he was cast out of Heaven. Janet talked about how God has always been good and will always be good, but unfortunately, Satan made a really bad choice and didn’t trust in God and His plan. Sometimes we have those times as well that we don’t trust God, but God wants us to trust in him because he knows what we need




Our Bravo campers were already working hard today for their play of “Brother Bear”. They did a couple read-through’s of the script this morning, and auditioned for parts that were given out as well in the afternoon! The Bravo leaders, Nat and Charis, are already enthusiastically envisioning the entire production, so this Bravo week is in good hands. We’re excited to see the end result on Friday!


After a supper of delicious chicken drumsticks, beans, potato wedges, and brownies for dessert, the campers were off to the camp-wide game! Today they were trying to find counselors hidden all over camp in order to gain the materials and chemicals needed to create their own dinosaur. Once running around camp was finished, the campers headed down for another Underground session and then to campfire. After such a long first day, there’s going to be a lot of dino-snores tonight!



Both our Crew and LIT’s are working very hard and diligently at Camp, we love them! The LIT’s had the chance to go on the pontoon boat tonight to downtown Magnetawan to get some ice cream (their blog post about their canoe trip will be up soon!). The Crew kids had a movie night last night for a bit of relaxation, and are continuing to be a huge asset to all the behind-the-scenes stuff that happens around Camp that keeps it running smoothly!



Blog & Pictures By: Karley Sider

A Dino-Mite Start to Jurassic Park – Quest/Bravo Day 1


All of our Quest and Bravo campers arrived safely and soundly here at Camp this late afternoon! After a quick trip to their cabins to unload their stuff with their new cabin leaders, everyone hungrily headed off to the dining hall for some spaghetti and garlic bread as a reward for such a long journey. Our leading programmers, Noah and Abbey, introduced themselves and talked while our new guests ate, explaining what was on the agenda for the rest of the evening!


Once plates were scraped clean, campers got changed for their first taste of the lake for swim tests! We had some great weather, and once everyone had their chance to take a refreshing swim, the campers had their first Underground session with Pastor Janet. Janet had the chance to introduce herself to the campers and to start in on her first message of the week. She talked about stories, and about how over the course of the next 5 days they are going to look at diverse stories: God’s story, other made-up stories and how they reflect God’s story, stories in the Bible, and the camper’s stories and how it fits into God’s story. She showed the campers a basic plot map, showing how the conflict, setting, etc. all contribute to the creation of many stories; these stories are modelled after God’s story. God’s story begins with a setting (God creates the world), conflict (sin), rising action (the struggle since The Fall), climax (Jesus dying on The Cross), and although there’s still been struggle, in the end, Jesus is going to come back with the final resolution. After listening attentively to Pastor Janet, the campers headed to campfire for some entertainment before heading back to their cabins for bed! We’re excited to get our regular schedule up-and-running tomorrow!