Changing Seasons at Really Reality Kahquah

The second last day of Blaze was full of buzzing campers today! After a delightful morning of flag raising and morning activities, apple and cherry turnovers were the perfect answer to growling stomachs. There, Aunt Erin and Aunt Samantha explained what the day was to hold and the theme of the day. They were then sent off to choose their activities and get started with their Thursday!

The weather was fantastic again today! The water-based activities were again filled, and the refreshed, contented faces of the campers could be seen poking up from the lake’s surface. As the week starts coming to a close, the kids were sure to make the most of their time in the outdoors!


After a filling lunch of pizza and veggies, the lunch dress-up winner were announced. The theme for today was seasons! The campers were prompted to use their creativity and do something different than the other cabins, which they certainly did! There were some seasoning connoisseur’s, salt and pepper shakers, Frozen themed characters, and some cool painted arm artwork!


Shortly after a dinner of ham, the campers headed down into Underground. The Underground topic for today was love, where they talked about how everyone is loved by God and how important it is to love each other. Each cabin then chose another cabin’s name out of a hat, and were then told that they had the honor of doing a random act of love for that particular cabin. It was amazing to see how far out cabin’s went to love their chosen cabin; some cabins made M&M brownies for another cabin to eat, some made up candy bags, another cabin set the cutlery and poured out juice for their cabin, and one cabin even gave up their second place in cabin cleanup!

The camp-wide game tonight was supposed to be a sports-athalon! Before it was changed, the original game was going to include water squishy dodge-ball, soccer, volleyball, and baseball; the team with the most games won were going to be declared the winners! However, the weather changed very last minute with rain and thunderstorms, so the campers ended up watching a movie (Zootopia) and playing games inside instead. It was a nice relaxing night indoors and gave the kids some time to recoup for their last day tomorrow!


Wandering Through the Canadian Wilderness


The Kahquah campers were headed deep into the Canadian Camp woods for day 3 of Blaze! After a great night’s sleep, the kid’s were drawn to the dining hall with the promises and auras of pancakes and bacon. The smell didn’t disappoint and the campers were soon headed off to start their very occupied day. Before they disappeared, however, they were reminded by their program directors that today’s theme would be all about the Canadian Wilderness!


In Underground today, the special word of the day was “human”. Pastor Darcy sent the campers on a scavenger hunt in order to find the letters of H.U.M.A.N. Each letter they found represented a story of someone’s life; for example, “H” represented hunger, so they would read a story about someone in the world who has struggled with hunger. They then would talk about each story in their groups. There were some great discussions going on in Underground today!


For lunch dress-up today, the Blaze kids were encouraged to dress as any Canadian animal that they could think of! Once lunch rolled around, Kahquah was suddenly flooded with an insane amount of wildlife, such as polar bears and moose! It was very aMOOSEing!


The camp-wide game tonight was really wild. In tune with the theme of the day, the game planned was Survivor! Once again, the amazing staff were used as different stations. They were placed around camp and used as checkpoints. Then, the cabins had to run around to each hidden station in order to collect 3 waters, 2 foods, and 1 shelter; these were their sources. The trick was that they had to find these stations without getting caught, as there were other staff members trying to stop them from completing these tasks. The campers also carried around life tokens, and if they were caught, they had to give up a single life token. If they ran out of tokens, they were unable to get any sources!



Hyped Up For History

DSC_3049Camp Kahquah was heading back in time today for Canadian History Day! The second day of Blaze started off with some tired but ready campers, as the night time activity from last night seeped into their morning routine. But the remedy of croissants for breakfast was a bit of an awakening call, and they were soon re-energized for the events ahead. Aunt Erin and Aunt Samantha explained the theme of the day as well, which ended up being Canadian History! Ready to turn back time, the campers headed to cabin cleanup with creative ideas in their minds and excitement in their hearts.
God blessed the camp with another beautiful day outside, as the sun shone brightly and the sky was coloured as blue as the lake. Another full day of activities was enjoyed by all and the lake was appreciated thoroughly to escape the warm weather. The campers were definitely hungry enough for a big lunch of mac and cheese and hot dogs, which were chowed down quickly!


Pastor Darcy continued her sessions today with the kids in Underground! The word of the day was “seen”. They talked about being seen by God and how God knows everything about us; there’s nothing we can hide from Him. They did a little scavenger hunt around the camp to find different objects, which represented the story of Zaccaeus who was a tax collector, who Jesus saw in a tree. He was seen by Jesus and even though he wasn’t a perfect person, Zaccaeus was welcomed by Him.

DSC_3074The camp wide game tonight was a Canadian history themed trivia game! With different stations spread over the camp like wildfire, the campers job was to sprint from place to place to answer multiple choice questions based off of Canada’s past. Some stations even had challenges to complete as well! The first team to answer them all were declared the winners!  DSC_3124DSC_3114DSC_3113DSC_3112DSC_3111DSC_3109DSC_3107DSC_3089


Blog and Photo’s By: Karley Sider

Passionate About Patriotism!


Today was Day 1 at Really Reality Kahquah, and the campers were up and at ’em early this morning to complete some awakening morning activities! Behind some excited eyes were hungry stomachs, which were soon fed with some breakfast of cereal and muffins of all flavors. Aunt Erin and Aunt Samantha then relayed the theme of the day, which was patriotism! The teams were challenged to be as Canadian-loving as possible today, in the hopes of winning some points for their cabins.

In Underground today, Pastor Darcy started the session off with the sentence of the day, which was, “I am created”. On a big sheet of paper, the kids were to call out words to describe that sentence, where they came up with a whole bunch of words: put together, fearfully and wonderfully, masterpiece, new, in God’s image, wonder, unique, purpose and thought out. After this was completed, Darcy asked the question, “what does it mean to be creative?”, with the hopes of coming up with a Kahquah definition of what it takes to be creative. With the help of some campers, they ended up with the following sentence:

The Kahquah Definition of Creative: Something that someone made that they customized or designed themselves.

With this definition in mind, all the cabins were asked to complete a little activity. Each group had 10 minutes to take an item and radically design it for a new purpose. They then were to make a 30 second commercial to present to the judges!


For lunch dress-up this afternoon, the campers were encouraged to be the most Canadian they could be! Everything from Canadian flags in people’s hair, to red and white face paint, to even a Miss Canada, the camp was flooded in a sea of Canada’s national colours. And afterwards, the famished Canadian campers gladly received taco salad to appease their hunger!


It was a lovely day outside for the campers to enjoy their activities today! Everything was enjoyed, and all the outdoor events – including high ropes, beach, water sports, pontoon boating, and hiking – were in full force. Some campers have even joined the creative writing and photography majors, which is all exciting as well! The sun was shining almost as bright as the camper’s faces as they jumped from activity to activity with their new found friends!


The camp-wide game tonight was capture the flag! All the campers crossed to the other side of the road in order to use the field by the ropes course in order to participate. The game was almost rained out last minute, but fortunately it was a very brief downpour so the game continued on. There were two teams (with multiple cabins joining forces) where the goal was to retrieve the other team’s Canadian flag. Each team gave it their all but to no avail, they were too well matched. The tie-breaker ended up being whichever team found Uncle Joe Flagg first, as he was a  special hidden counselor specifically chosen for the tie-breaking purpose. Everyone had fun but their tired legs could run no more!



Blog and Photo’s By: Karley Sider

Introducing Really Reality Kahquah



Blaze was off to an running start today as soon as the campers set foot off the bus! With some time to get to meet their counselors and their new friends/roommates for the week, the weary, road-tripped out kids got a chance to enjoy a tasty meal of spaghetti and garlic bread. Renewed and energized by their meal, they quickly set out to complete their swim test down at the beach.




DSC_2765 (2)DSC_2767DSC_2758DSC_2739


This week’s theme at Blaze is Really Reality Kahquah. Over the course of the next couple days, the camper’s will be participating in the first ever Canadian reality TV show. And as our program directors, Aunt Erin and Aunt Samantha, say, “It’s time to get real”! To start this anticipated week, all the cabin’s had the chance to go around to different stations around camp to collect materials for their team plaque. During this, they also had to come up with a team name and slogan!




In Underground tonight, our speakers, Darcy and Sarah, talked about the theme of “Who am I?” They had the campers involved in an “I Am” activity, where on one side of a sheet of paper they wrote positive things about themselves and on the other side they wrote negative things. They then read from Psalm 39, which mentions being fearfully and wonderfully made and that even though they may not like some things about themselves sometimes, God loves every part of their being. Darcy and Sarah also talked about what the future of the week is going to hold and that each day the campers are going to have different words to learn and memorize day by day.

Blog and Photo’s By: Karley Sider


Final Day Instagram Insanity

Day 5 and the final day of Quest was full of theater and fun for all! Our fearless program directors described the theme of the last day, Instagram! After a delicious breakfast of apple turnovers, the campers were ready to face the day and gain those last toppings for their ice cream sundae.




In Underground today, Dave (in relation with the Instagram based day) talked about selfies and about how we tend to focus on our outward appearances. He encouraged the campers to tell one another and compliment each other on how beautiful they are; this was not because of our outward appearances, but it is because we are made by God and because we have inner beauty that shines brighter than anything portrayed externally. They looked at 1 Samuel 16:7b, which says, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


13706150_10154073579903301_1656117804_n 13713452_10154073580303301_1284793881_n

For lunch dress-up today, the campers were prompted to dress like either the paparazzi or the celebrities the paparazzi were taking pictures of! Even after eating the pizza bagels for their meal, they still stayed in character the entire time. Aunt Bethanne and Aunt Tara even set up a photo booth for anyone who wanted their picture taken!

5c64ea16-a430-4784-b240-37c92a8fbecf8cffc76d-238a-4918-ac44-cd6e48f45417354d0c0b-9adb-4113-b173-44609ac3f10c                          a6ad642d-4075-4836-9bfb-4d6755fa1584 c3e1d758-c32b-4c6a-8270-7bc71d5c44d2cad4bc5b-3a09-4e22-a0dc-cef6045cc04f

The weather today was a little bit of a bummer, as it was pretty chilly and rainy. The campers were unable to compete in the first morning activities and were instead kept warm and dry in the Underground, entertained by watching a movie. However, and not without a lot of prayer, the rain stopped for just long enough so that our amazing Bravo kids were able to go on with the show in the outdoors. They put on such a professional demeanor and their performance in front of the whole camp was beautifully received. They were rewarded with a standing ovation as soon as the curtain closed and were praised for all their hard work. Shakespeare plays are not the easiest to learn, but our talents campers didn’t let that deter them from nailing it!

13626985_10157448819140643_890286136273005275_n 13700023_10157448810875643_8620466737817566998_n

13669603_10157448812625643_5073413889401619159_n  13692692_10157448820300643_9061363000499158879_n13716254_10157448822180643_2757948919225307155_n13680727_10157448796130643_7157680424670335121_n       13715985_10157448805895643_3080484668549581695_n         13695721_10154073577573301_859445226_n13697074_10157448795915643_9008414038213099871_n

13689547_10154073579603301_223959687_n 13716197_10157448799715643_5398387090287393821_n13695095_10154073579473301_462088173_n 13695821_10154073580083301_1948963449_n


After chicken burgers and fries for supper, everyone started anticipating the last camp-wide game of the week. And of course, the game was based off of the Instagram app. With the hackers defeated, each cabin went against each other in order to be the winners of the game and get those ice cream toppings! They all raced to different stations  around the camp that contained bins of themed clothes. Then they had to dress in those clothes in order to tell a story of their own making. During this, they had to take 10 pictures at each station in order to complete that part of the challenge. Points were given out for quickness and creativity!





13669046_10157449137425643_3090422009980885367_n   13681062_10157449136815643_5348443163510329143_n


13692601_10157449137490643_3691876979503568634_n 13697170_10157449137605643_1535610132633672510_n












13716212_10157449137570643_6487555694151686626_n  13726744_10157449131630643_566113635704395138_n



13731459_10157449133250643_4439424960314626221_n  13731545_10157449133040643_1959490404758232146_n

13754285_10157449132580643_3467854170664758051_n 13669845_10157449137205643_8685999830631371896_n

After a crazy and wonderful week at camp, all the campers were awarded with yummy ice cream sundaes with multiple toppings! Their prize won, all the campers went to bed with satisfied stomachs and hearts. It’s been a real blessing having the Bravo and Quest campers here this week, and we wish them all the best in the rest of their summer!

Calling all Angry Birds for an Eggcellent Adventure!

Another day at camp just went flying past, as the campers woke up to the awesome news of having an Angry Birds theme for the day!  During the breakfast containing delicious waffles, Aunt Bethanne and Aunt Tara explained how the kids were totally safe from the hackers and that they probably wouldn’t even bother them anymore. But most of the campers were skeptical and knew that there was probably a fowl plot afoot. Dubious as they were, they didn’t let the bird-en of their concern keep them from having another great day at camp!

The weather was a little bit gloomy today but very welcomed by all, as the campers were finally cooled off by some refreshing rain. Thankfully, it wasn’t enough rain to stop any of the activities or any of the planned outdoor games so all the campers were able to enjoy the fresh and newly crisp air. God’s tweetment to us this week regarding weather has been a real blessing!

A little special shout-out to camper Joe for conquering his fear of heights today at the high ropes course today with the archery and high ropes campers sitting around and encouraging him!


The Bravo kids today worked tirelessly on their play! They all have such wonderful talents that even if they were to wing it, it would still be a splendid performance. A Midsummer’s Night Dream has been coming along marvelously and all involved have been pecking away at making the show the best it can be. They had some fun time at the beach and tubing today for a lit of relaxation. Tomorrow’s the big day to present all their hard-work, as the stage will soon be theirs!


The camp-wide game tonight was indeed Angry Birds themed! The campers were responsible – in their cabins – to build and create a shelter around one person in their group. Then, the plan was to run around to other team’s shelters to throw water balloons to wreck their sculptures and get that teammate wet. That was the original plan. But alas! The hackers showed up to hack the game and ruined everyone’s shelter instead. They then took the water balloons and used a slingshot to soar the water balloons through the air. All the teams were having none of this nonsense and wanted the hackers to give it a nest, so they battled back. If the counselors caught those balloons in the air, it was their cabin’s right to throw them at the hackers in the gaga pit! There were around 800 balloons filled for the game, so there was no shortage of materials for anyone. The counselors had to concentrate and use their hand-eye coordination to catch these delicate objects, but were rewarded in the end when they got to extend justice to those who deserved it!



13689754_10154071152343301_1075513806_n                            13695702_10154071148003301_1725089547_n



13695791_10154071147103301_2005550744_n              13695885_10154071144533301_667814811_n

13705307_10154071154263301_472996128_n              13705098_10154071144558301_62334825_n


13714486_10154071153568301_1556998907_n                               13713504_10154071145298301_1462316990_n



Lunch dress-up today was changed up a bit! Instead of everyone dressing up as an angry bird, one counselor was designated in each cabin by the campers to dress-up as a full on bird. There’s nothing like full body face paint to really get into a lunch dress-up! Both camper and bird were satisfied with a substantial lunch of  hot dogs, mac and cheese, veggies and popsicles for dessert. 13617342_1101042419942705_1092056898_n13672122_1101042649942682_1853025704_n13672336_1101042446609369_707514382_n13695128_1101042573276023_1110807729_n13695170_1101042526609361_928661832_n13705118_1101042443276036_312046559_n


The prize for cabin clean-up! 


The Crew and LIT’s had some intense encounters today leading up to a special camp relay. Tensions were soaring as the highly anticipated face-off between the two staff teams started with a hot dog relay all over camp. The object of the relay was to complete the different tasks at the different stations as quickly as possible. The teams were pretty neck-in-neck until the Crew Kids fell behind because they couldn’t find the book of Obadiah in the Bible! Because of this fatal mistake, the LIT’s were able to take a significant lead in the hot dog relay. The Crew Kids learned a very valuable lesson today, read and learn your Bible!

In Underground today the campers learned about having a firm foundation in Christ and about prayer. Pastor Dave used Jeremiah 17:7-8 to talk about being firmly planted in the Lord and trusting Him; it says, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lordwhose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” Dave explained the difference between growing a tree in the good soil and growing one in the barren land, and how that is a good example of our faith in Jesus. They also discussed Matthew 6:9:13, which contains the Lord’s Prayer. Dave explained how the things we say in prayer is very important. But it is also very important to practice pausing to listen to God, since prayer isn’t just a one-sided conversation.