Jesus, healer of hearts and lives.

Today was my day off, so sorry, no pictures, but I had a chat with Aunt Liz who gave me some spectacular updates about how the day went.  Before I start though, because the story at the end deserves to be the note to end on, trust me, I have some Quest updates for those of you arriving NEXT week :D.

If you’re taking the bus or driving here, please take a look in your emails for the bus schedules.

Tonight during the Camp-wide game, our Kubbies boys participated with one of the Nova boys cabins, and the wonderful news is that they kept up the whole time!  They’re well on their way to being super ready for Nova once they’re old enough, and we’re so thrilled about that.

Liz also shared a couple of incredible moments from the Underground session this morning.

First, this morning, the kids were given an opportunity to share what they’re thankful for right now.  Two in particular stuck out to Liz, and these are what was heard:

“I’m thankful for Uncle Noah, because I fell down and he helped me up.”   What a great memory for a kid, knowing that even when they were hurt, our Camp staff cared and was there for him.

“I’m thankful for Camp Kahquah, because I can come here.”  Do I need to say anything else about this?

Second, during the teaching part of the Underground this morning, Ashley, one of our Kubbies moms, shared an incredible story with the kids.  The topic of Pastor Natalie’s message was “Jesus, healer of hearts and lives.”  Ashley got up after Natalie’s talk and shared the story about her car accident, which happened one year ago tomorrow.  Some of you know the story behind this accident, many of you probably don’t.  Ashley had spinal and brain injuries as a result that doctors weren’t sure she’d ever recover from.  She’s been on a one year long road to recovery.  She was able to sing a song for the kids that she wrote, after doctors saying a year ago that she’d never sing again.  A bunch of the kids, these precious young kids, laid hands on Ashley and prayed, thanking Jesus, the healer of hearts and lives.  What an unbelievable testimony to the power of God.  Someone who shouldn’t be able to sing, shouldn’t be able to walk, is here at Camp with her son, and can give glory back to God through the journey she’s been on for the last year.  As I sat and chatted with Ashley for a moment to ask her if it was OK if I shared this story with all of you, her son Xavier came running to her cheerfully and quipped “thumb war?”  What an incredible God we serve.  Healer of hearts and lives.

They’re Heeeeeere!

This morning, I woke up at Camp to quiet.  It was quiet here, and it was pretty much quiet all day.  Call it the calm before the storm, I guess.  The kids weren’t here yet.  It was just the staff.  We woke up to a serve-yourself breakfast — and Trish had the waffle maker out!!  WAFFLES!  Remember Shrek?  “And in the mornin?!  I’m makin’ WAFFLES!!”

Anyway, I did not fight the slow Camp interwebs to talk to you about waffles.

After breakfast we had Chapel, with worship led by Liz and Tim, and a message given to us by God through Frank.  He talked about the three really important principles found in Matthew 18:  a real, personal faith with Jesus, loving care over God’s dear children (that’s the business we’re in right now, is it not?), and loving care within our own communities — showing the love of Christ to each other.  Frank challenged us to come up with three promises — a covenant, if you will — that we are making to our Camp community, that we agree to keep each other accountable to, and that we ask you to keep us accountable to as well.  So here, without further delay, is the Covenant that we’ve hung on the bulletin board in the dining hall…


But I didn’t really fight the slow Camp interwebs to talk to you about Chapel this morning, either.  I fought the slow Camp interwebs to talk to you about the first day of Kids’ Camp.  Nova and Kubbies have begun.  The bus has arrived.  The kids are here!  Praise the Lord, the bus trips were both completely uneventful!  All we heard from our contacts on the buses were reports that “we’re early!” or “we’re running right on schedule!”  It was unheard of.  We are blessed.

IMG_4410 IMG_4412

It’s not quiet here, anymore!  As I’m sitting writing to all of you, the kids are at campfire, screaming at the top of their lungs.  I can hear them through the open windows.  I don’t know what they’re screaming, I can’t make it out.  But if your child comes home with a scratchy voice or with none at all, you know why:  campfires.

This week’s theme is The Kahquah Zoo.  I’m not totally sure what that means, but I know with Amber and Alli behind the wheel as directors, fun is sure to ensue.  Take a look at Amber and Alli here, all dressed up in their Safari gear.

IMG_4415 IMG_4414

As we spent our afternoon of down-time just relaxing, but also mentally gearing up for the arrival of these kids, I wandered around and took some pictures.  I got some shots of “the calm before the storm,” as well as of the beautiful new break wall that Reaman built us to repair the damage from spring flooding.  We had our staff photo taken from out a window, marveled at the fact that Uncle Ivan is here for his 39th or 40th year cabin leading, and this year is able to co-lead with one of his Grandsons, Jacob.  Josiah is also here cabin leading, but they’re not in the same cabin (see the awesome multi-generational picture below), and ate wild strawberries and wintergreen without even leaving the Muskoka chairs behind the lodge.  It was a great day……

for most of us.

Unfortunately, Randy went to put the second ski boat in the water and drive it back to camp.  It started just nicely, so he was left to drive back, but he ended up breaking down in the River and had to call for help from someone’s house along the shore.  All is well, he is safe, but maybe not a great end to his night :p

Until tomorrow!


Natalie is VERY excitedly waiting for the bus to arrive!


Grandpa Ivan, Jacob, and Josiah before the kids arrive.


The beautiful break wall built by Reaman. Posts at the docks, ropes between them, and solar lights atop them to follow.


The beach, taken from the dock, with a view that we won’t see for the rest of July — it’s childless.

And finally, check out our Staff Pic.

Summer Camp 2013

Photo Credit, Tyler Kwan.