Summit Day 5


What a last day of camp we’ve had for Summit.

Last night the campers were surprised with a late night game of find the counsellor. Counsellors were hidden throughout the camp with glowing infinity stones. After completing the games, campers headed to their cabins for the night and were excited  to sleep in.

After filling their bellies with breakfast cake, campers did one last cabin clean up and were sure to leave some bribes for the judges- it’s all about getting points for your team.

Following the session worship, Nolan shared chapter 9 of the HIStory series. He shared about the value we have in Christ and the session artifact was Roman coins Some lucky campers were gifted with some to bring home.

Lunch was a camp favourite- mac n’cheese with hot dogs. Dress up for lunch today was Battle Aftermath. We had mourners for Iron Man, piles of dust and of course lots of “injured” campers.

Campers had fun with the last day of their activities and majors. Campers wrapped up the last of their activities with free swim, which was most welcomed on this warm day.

After the formal dinner, campers and counsellors gathered for pictures. Once they changed into active clothes, campers competed in the last camp wide game to earn points for their team. Campers were tasked with finding all the infinity stones and the gauntlet that were hidden all around camp. Once they put together their gauntlet, they had to find, chase and tag Thanos in order to win.

Nolan wrapped up the last of this week’s series by talking about how we get to go home and share all that we have learned about God and his love with our families and friends. We were encouraged to be bold and ended the session with an amazing time of worship.

To end the time of worship, Greg and Caleb played some fast music and our campers sang and danced their hearts out. There were glow sticks and lots of jumping and even a call for “one more song”.

Campers then headed down to final campfire to receive their major certificates and to find out the winners for the week. Black Panther who started out in the bottom of the standings managed to pull ahead for the win! They enjoyed sundaes complete with all the toppings and even a brownie.


As we wrap up the blog for kids camp, we can hear the campers out on their porches singing songs, trying to enjoy every last minute of camp that they can. Camp is truly a special place that has left an immense impact on all the campers that have visited in the last four weeks. The staff at Kahquah have done such a fabulous job pouring everything they have into making the kids experience one to remember. We can’t wait for you to hear all about your camper’s experience when they come home 🙂

Please check out our end of the week video for more of a glimpse in your child’s week at camp: SUMMIT 2019


To celebrate the end of their two weeks, crew had a surprise party with tons of goodies and lots of dancing. L.I.T. Also wrapped up their time at camp with their graduation ceremony. Thank you to CREW and L.I.T. For spending so much of your time serving at camp- YOU ROCK!

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