Summit Day 4

Campers were moving a little slower today as the fun of the past three days has caught up. Everyone was delighted to be greeted by yogurt parfaits for breakfast and despite being tired, campers brought the energy to this morning’s big top session.

Greg and Caleb led an acoustic set and Nolan started sharing from the New Testament. His message was called ‘Kingdoms and Empires’. For this morning’s artifacts, Nolan shared a Greek arrow head and a replica of Greek armour modelled by Caleb.


Today’s lunch theme was Guardians of the Galaxy. We had committed cabins who painted themselves as the various characters, and another who showed up ready to garden- ‘Gardeners of the Galaxy’ they called themselves.

For today’s activities we visited beach volleyball, craft, water sports and photography who took a break to play some games. We also got to watch campers tackle the ‘pamper pole’ at the high ropes course and practice their balance at low ropes.

At dinner, campers ‘monkeyed around’ in order to receive their letters from home. After our rice, meatballs, veggies and salad dinner, the Outdoor X crew prepared and left for their camp out.

For tonight’s camp wide game, campers were scattered around camp looking for infinity stones and had to safely return them to their teams bucket without being caught. Thanks to their sneaky campers, team Spider Man retrieved the most stones.


We wish you all could have joined us for tonight’s session. Hearing the campers sing their loudest was a memory for the books. Nolan shared with the campers the epic story of Jesus on the cross and how it was the ultimate “Endgame”. The message was impactful and many students joined Nolan in praying.

Quickly after session, the students headed down for campfire before a special surprise night game…. (to be continued)

Some of the many faces of Summit…

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