Summit Day 3

We’ve officially hit the halfway point of Summit! With all the fun that’s been had, the time seems to be flying.

The kitchen Crew team was busy this morning making sure everything was ready to feed the masses of Kahquah campers, while the rest of the camp was working on waking up and participating in morning activities. After fuelling up on croissants, fruit, oatmeal and cereal, campers made their cabins spotless and attended morning big top session.

Campers played a game of clap, clap, boom to get the wiggles out before Nolan continued with chapter 5 of the HIStory series- the Exile. Nolan overviewed a large portion of the Old Testament and summarized the harsh reality of what happens when we turn from God through the stories of the exile of Israel.


Today for lunch the theme was super powers. Our creative campers and leaders didn’t disappoint. We saw powers of invisibility, teleportation, flying, parting the Red Sea, Samson’s strength, the fruits of the spirit and the armour of God. Lunch isn’t just about dressing up and eating though.

Lunch is a time when you can hear song after song calling out other cabins or leaders to do entertaining things. There were calls for love songs, gun shows, sand from the beach in less than 30 seconds (not an easy challenge), and lots of running around the lodge. Crew camper Ella and Uncle Hayden were called out for elbows on the table and had to sing songs in front of everyone. Thankfully, the whole camp backed them up and sang along. Lunch is also a time for announcements, including who won for cabin clean up and best lunch dress up.

For this morning’s activities we visited the beach, canoeing, kayaking, makerspace and visual arts where campers were working on water colour paintings and clay sculptures.

This afternoon we got to enjoy the warm and gooey cookies baked by the baking group and watched as they competed in a pudding and jello eating contest. Our campers and program staff, Natalie, cleared two whole trays in a matter of minutes and thankfully they managed not to get sick. Camper Wyatt was the only one to tackle the pudding and took the approach of no spoon. It was certainly entertaining!

Following activities, campers took the chance to cool down. You could find campers taking the plunge of the main dock, paddle boarding and soaking up the sun.

Today was Outdoor X’s canoe trip to the waterfall. The group had a great time and got to see a snapping turtle having lunch, caught some crayfish and of course enjoy a swim at the water fall. They are certainly ready for their camp out tomorrow night.


For dinner campers enjoyed chicken burgers and fries to fuel up for tonight’s camp wide challenge- capture the flag. Crew worked quick and hard to clean up after dinner to join in on the game where cabins were combined into team Captain America and Iron Man. The competition was fierce.

For evening session, Greg and Caleb got the campers jumping and the leaders introduced some actions to the songs. Nolan then talked about the time before the Old and New testaments and how God still works in the silence. Nolan shared some of his personal story of how he waited for God in the midst of some difficult times in his life.

Following session, Crew took on leading campfire and certainly brought the fun and volume!

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