Summit Day 2

Before filling up on breakfast wraps, you could find the Summit campers participating in morning activities including aerobics. After making sure their cabins were spotless for the cabin clean-up checks, campers made their way to big top session.

Greg and Caleb were joined this morning by a special musical guest- Summit camper Andy! Andy joined in on the keys sharing his musical gift with the group and did an awesome job. Following a quick round of rock, paper, scissors, Nolan continued taking us through the Bible and shared about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and how God called Abraham and promised to make his family into a great nation. We learned how this nation ended up in Egypt for 400 years before God rescued them from slavery.

The artifact for morning session was mummy beads from an actual Egyptian mummy. Nolan had fashioned the beads into a necklace and bracelet which Ely modelled for the group- she even got to keep the bracelet!

During cabin small groups, the inquisitive minds of Retreat Lodge sat with Nolan and asked questions from a list they had prepared.

Campers then got ready for their morning activities. We were able to capture some archery pros and the ropes team conquering the rock wall this morning.

For lunch we were joined by a variety of villains including members of Hydra and Cruella de Vil and her Dalmatian puppies.

After lunch some campers took to the water for tubing, while others mastered their balance on the paddle boards. They made a far trip out to the island before returning for beach time with the rest of the camp.

After eating dinner outside, campers competed with their cabins in the camp wide challenge. Teams had to compete in high ropes, low ropes, archery, physical and messy challenges and even some embarrassment for the cabin leaders who were dressed by their campers.

Big top session worship time included some creative actions to Lion and the Lamb and Nolan continued the HIStory session by overviewing the kings of the Old Testament including their triumphs and failures. We learned that Jesus is our only King and it’s in our mistakes that we see our need for him. Our artifact for tonight was ancient pottery and the special helper Eric was given a piece to bring home.


Crew has been working hard to serve on the various teams here at camp. Today the groups started their final rotations and continue to bring joy to the work they do. After dinner, Crew took a pontoon boat ride into town for some ice cream and after returning back to camp made some personalized pizza. After their game of mafia they will be heading off to bed with the rest of camp.



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