Blaze – Day 5 – Medieval Times

Sadly we have come to the end of the week. But what a beautiful day to end it on. Campers are now used to their morning routine as they woke up and headed to morning activity’s, and then a breakfast of fruit parfaits to energize them for the day. Campers then headed to clean their cabins, which they had manage to make a mess of in one day of course. With cabins all clean they went to big top to learn about how God split the Red sea for Moses.

Since art major were done their paintings they got to make friendship bracelets for their friends. Canoeing went out on the lake today and got to practice tipping and learned how to help there friends get back into the boat. They’re all ready for the LIT canoe trip now! IMG_6994IMG_6991

Lunch dress up was medieval times and campers got out their crowns. Some campers were paper bag princess’s and others took a classic twist on it and crowned a kid king.

Second activity guitar major jammed in the nice cool underground and other kids sun tanned and swam like fish in the water. It looked like lots of fun. Kids and staff continued to hang out at the beach all throughout third activity and free swim. The beach today was a very popular place to be today to escape the scorching sun.

Everyone got all dressed up for last dinner of the week. Everybody looked so nice! Scalloped potatoes, ham and salad filled everyone up as we head out for another classic camp game, the quadrathlon. A realy race consisting of swimming, canoeing, kayaking and running.

It was another emotional big top session tonight as we learned that we are chosen by God, and have hope through God. There was lots of time left at the end for kids to get prayed over by leaders and for one last great worship session.

Campfire was run by our fantastic LIT’s tonight. All the kids had a blast watching their leaders become different people in funny skits like royal paper, and the movie theater skit. After campfire the 4 winning cabins headed to the lodge for a special snack of nachos!

What a good end to the day. And I know I say that at the end of every blog post but I don’t think there is any better way to end the day then spent in community with people who love Jesus and are here to love and support each other endlessly.


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