Blaze – Day 4 – Pirates Vs. Vikings

What a beautiful day at camp. This morning campers got to sleep in and skip morning activity’s. Staff took turns going to staff devos were we did communion together, a great way to start the day. IMG_6848

IMG_6849We had a sweet breakfast of turnovers, cereal and fruit. Before campers headed to their cabin to clean, and go to Big top for another great session by Pastor Dan.

First activity started as kids headed crafts to make a fidget box. Art major finished all their beautiful paintings today, after working hard on them all week. Archery went and practiced their aim across the road while makerspace got to play with remote control helicopters.IMG_6965

Campers got to chose whether to dress up as pirates or vikings for lunch dress up. Since when we fixed the time machine this morning we accidentally brought a pirate and viking back with us. One cabin took a twist on the theme and became the pie rats. For lunch we had delicious chicken wraps.


For second activity photography practiced taking portraits. Kayakers of course went out on the beautiful lake. What a great place to appreciate Gods handywork. Kids in water sports were able to get up on the skis today, what an exciting accomplishment.

Third activity was filled with lots of love as cookie baking made a heart shaped cookie.  Campers ventured to low ropes to swing on tire swings and try to shimmy across the tight wire. Campers had fun on the beach again during free swim as they splashed about in the lake. IMG_0660

We had a good dinner of rice and meatballs with salad. Which gave the kids lots of energy as they started a game of capture the flag, pirates vs. vikings. What a classic camp game, always a favorite.


Crew and aspire had the annual crew vs. aspire challenge. Of course crew won. And after Crew headed across the road for a sleep out. Hopefully the ground isn’t too uncomfortable.IMG_6974

IMG_6989 Big top was very emotional tonight with lots of tears (don’t worry all good tears), as lots of campers felt God in this place tonight.

Camp fire was a blast as support staff took the spot light,perform the bear song and the ever popular baby shark song. The bus skit was a hoot, and it was followed by the classic pass the salt skit.

What a good way to end the day.

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