Blaze – Day 3 – Ice Age

Half way through the week! It’s sad knowing the week is half way done. It’s also super cool to see all the campers interacting and seeing how close they have become in such a short time.


Campers woke up to the bell this morning just in time to head to their morning activities. We had a breakfast of oatmeal cake and watermelon on a fruit tray. Campers rushed to their cabins after breakfast to make sure they made the most of cabin clean up time so they could get extra points for their team. While the clean up fairies went around and judged cabins campers sat at big top and learned about how God is like a coach.

The sun was out and bright for first activity as campers took to the lake to kayak across. Some campers got to swim and practice their jumping skills off the dock. Campers improved their volleyball skills in a friendly game in the sand.

Campers got to mess up their leaders for dress up today, as they had to make them into an extinct animal that they had to create themselves. We ate loaded baked potatoes for lunch and a variety of  yummy toppings for them.

Second activity was filled with lots of fun as campers went to the beach to swim and paddleboard. Those who didn’t get to go in the lake to cool off had the option of being sprayed with a hose. Aspire was inside helping Jenn in the kitchen make chicken drumsticks, salad, and cookies.

IMG_6797IMG_6798 During third activity more campers went canoeing and kayaking while some campers stayed in the shade to make some bracelets.

CREW had a fear factor challenge where they had to eat sandwiches filled with things like spam, sardines, pickled onions,  and snails. How gross!

Free swim was a big hit today as campers swam about and played Marco Polo to help cool off from the blazing sun.

The game tonight was a giant game of clue. Campers went around asking different characters a who, what, and where to figure out who would be able to fix the time machine with what and where to try and get us back to 2019.


Big top was great again tonight as we talked about what it is that keeps us from giving everything to God. During worship everyone was dancing and singing along to great worship songs. Everyone was hyped and the energy in the tent was AMAZING.

Campfire was led by crew today and we watched them perform skits and sing some classic campfire songs. Campers also got to do a special night game where they went around looking for the missing parts to the time machine. All the running around probably tired the campers out before they headed to bed.

Another amazing end to the day!


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