Blaze – Day 2 – Pioneer Day

Day 2 started off with morning activity’s and a breakfast of egg wraps, hash browns, fruit and cereal. Campers cleaned their cabins hoping to impress the cabin clean up fairies before heading to big top for session, where we learned more about the Story of Moses from Pastor Dan.


Art major headed inside for first activity and while they were starting to start their sketches on their canvases some took a break to teach some of the staff to “hit the woah”, the latest dance craze that is taking over the internet. They had to google what it was and how to do it.


Canoeing took to the waters and powered through the waves and wind, and got to practice the steering and stroke skills they had learned the day before. Aspire joined crafts today to make a collage of pictures on a board of wood they got to paint. Crew had a fun session after they had completed their daily duties.

During lunch we went back in times to the pioneer days. Cabins dressed up like they were in the 1800s, as campers made their own subs, and stocked up on cut up veggies.

After chilling in their cabins eating their tuck campers headed to the second activity of the day. Photography major learned about shutter speed and took motion pictures today. It was kind of a chilly day so there was lots of sand castle building during beach. Although some brave campers braved the chilly waters, while some were content with just dipping their feet in a bucket of lake water. Some campers chose to stay indoors and bake cookies, and I must say they were delicious.




For third activity campers hiked across the road and learned to trust their friends as they spotted each other for low ropes. While climbers conquered their fear of heights and reach for the top of the rock wall, while braving the bugs at the same time.

Cabin leaders bonded and caught up during their time off while eating a mountain of hash browns, and coffee. Also Aunt Adriana says “Hi Mom”

After lots of sand castle building during free swim campers had yummy pizza bagels, and salad for dinner, before going to lace up their running shoes to get ready for the game.

For the game campers went around trying to collect stamps from cabin leaders hiding to get points, while running from people trying to catch them to take away their hard earned points. It was hard to get pictures of the game since everyone was running around like crazy trying to find people. Aunt Miranda got a bit upset when Uncle Butter caught her for like the 5th time. Campers cooled down after the game with some cold freezies!


Everyone’s high energy from the game carried on into big top as everyone sang and danced around to worship songs. Pastor Dan talked about forgiveness and we read from Ephesians 2:6-7.



Campfire was full of a good time as our Aspire program got to lead the whole thing. Performing skits like, soap and water, and JC penny. And singing pizza man and songs about martians. Campfire ended with a campfire challenge for the leaders. Leaders had to participate in a game of squirt, a popular camp game, as they got out they got a cup of water filled with glitter dumped on them.

What a good end to the day.


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