Blaze Day 1 – 1900’s

The week is off to a great start as campers started our the Time Blazers theme in the 1900’s. The morning started with morning activity’s and a breakfast of delicious muffins, fruit and cereal. Campers then cleaned their cabins and head over to big top for the first morning session with Pastor Dan. He talked about how God protects us just like our favorite superheros.

Campers then got to go to their very first activity’s for the week. Art major chilled by the lake and started to plan the projects they were going to do for the week. Crafts up-cycled old t-shirts into cool bags. Some campers to the trek across the road to archery and high ropes. While some campers took the more relaxing option of chilling at the beach.

Next was lunch where cabins got to dress up throughout the decades of the 1900s. The 80s seemed to be the most popular dress up choice as neon clothing flooded the lodge porch, and we went inside for a lunch of taco salad and lots of laughs. YUM.


Campers after headed back to their cabins for tuck, and some time to chill time to get to know each other. Second activity went great as well. Photography major went of to the Hiwathia trail to take some nice nature pictures. Ropes major learned how to tie knots and properly put on harnesses. Safety first! Canoeing and kayaking learned different types of strokes and how to steer. Don’t forget to ask your kid about the paddle song when they come home, its super catchy.

Third activity kids took to the beach again to have some fun in the sun. Everyone had a good time splashing about in the lake, while the lifeguards took watch.  Tubing was a hit as always as kids took to the water for a thrilling ride. Campers got to make friendship bracelets at bracelet making for their newly made friends, before they all took to the waters for free swim.


After free swim we had  a nice dinner of burgers and salad, then we took off to get read for the game! Cabins got to go around camp and try to do challenges in a minute. They had to fly paper planes, make human pyramids, hula hoop, and much more. One of the favorite stations though was re-hydration station were campers got sprayed with a hose to help cool off from all the running around.


Then came the second big top session of the day where campers still had the energy to jump around and worship. This is ALWAYS the highlight of my day.



And the last activity for the night, campfire. Getting to dance around to songs and get the giggles out at skits is always a good way to get the silly’s out before they head to bed. What a great way to end the first full day to camp.



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