Quest – Day 5

The final day of Quest has arrived! There is no doubt Quest campers had an adventurous week all around!

Friday morning began with the wake up bell and morning activities! Next up was breakfast of warm pastries, oatmeal, cereal, fruit and yogurt cups.


Today we are exploring the Americas as our final continental stop on our Quest around the globe! Campers cleaned their cabins and then headed to Big Top for our final session of the week with Christina. We explored the final letter of the word “Faith.” Heart. Campers were encouraged to understanding what it means to take heart – like Gideon did when he was faced with a challenge. Cabins headed into small groups to write notes for one another to encourage each other in their lives after camp!

First activity was next, and campers worked hard at their last day of their majors. Activities were in full swing as the sun began to come out and the cool breeze of the morning faded.

The lunch theme for today was sports teams and cabins came dressed up as all sorts of teams!

There were lots of songs that followed the hearty lunch of soups and cheese biscuits with veggies.

The LITs also returned from their canoe trip with all sorts of anecdotes and tales of their adventures!

Campers headed off to their cabins for tuck and bunk and shortly after were on the way to their second and third activities! Wilderness headed out in search of all sorts of creatures, climbers were in full swing, and the beach was once again bustling with activity.


Free swim followed with lots of laughter, play, games and conversations!


It was off to dinner next – chicken legs, cooked carrots, and potato wedges. There was even a very special ice cream sundae bar enjoyed by all!


Camp-wide game happened next across the road – it was capture the flag! Cabin Leaders vs. Campers – and the campers won!

Cabins headed down to campfire for skits, songs, and major certificates. Pastor Christina led us in a final devotional and campers received their certificates from their activity majors before heading up to their cabins for the last night here at Kahquah!

The purple team won the week, and they enjoyed some floats in the lodge before lights out!

Tomorrow morning the bell will wake us up, cabins will be packed up, and campers will eat breakfast and make their way back home.

It has been an incredible week, with an incredible group of campers and hard working cabin leaders and staff!

‘Til next time!

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