Quest – Day 4

The morning began a bit overcast and it was a slower start to the day as campers were up later last night for the night game. Everyone slept in a little longer and headed down to breakfast at the bell. Breakfast was yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, and cereal! A great way to kickoff the day!

At breakfast campers learned that today they were heading to Antarctica on their Quest adventure. Everyone headed back to their cabins for clean up to be the neatest of them all!

Cabins then made their way to the Big Top to learn about how Gideon had developed trust in his journey of faith. Campers and leaders shared stories of times they felt it was hard to trust what they couldn’t see. Cabins headed back to small groups to write a poem or rap on the topic of trust in their lives.

It was off to first activity afterwards. Across the road, campers took on the high ropes course, aimed at the targets in archery, and trekked through the wilderness.

Campers challenged their leaders in sports, and the waterfront was teaming with activities.

From activity one, campers headed back to their cabins to dress up for lunch. The theme was “Save the Penguins.” Everyone was up for the dress-up challenge! We had some yummy chicken tender wraps and veggies for lunch with popsicles for dessert!


It was back to cabins after lunch for tuck and bunk before diving right into afternoon activities!

Free swim followed, and all sorts of beach and water fun was had by all!

A great dinner of ham and scalloped potatoes with green beans and salad was consumed and a scrumptious apple crumble was on the menu for dessert.

Cabins headed out to prepare for the camp wide game of Douse the Crew. The game consisted of getting the Crew wet as they hid inside handmade structures in an attempt to not get hit by water balloons from the opposing teams!

Campers then prepared for campfire and headed down to enjoy some hilarious skits and silly songs with a reflection before heading back up to their cabins for snack and lights out!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our final blog update of the week!

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