NOVA 2019 – Day 5

Thursday was sleep-in day today which means no morning activities. It was a lovely cool morning. It’s hard to believe that it’s Thursday already! The heat kicked in quickly and reached 31 degrees again today! Thankfully we can cool off and enjoy this beautiful weather at free swim everyday.
For breakfast we enjoyed oatmeal and parfaits. The kitchen team sure knows how to feed us! We were visited by Yoshi and had fun watching him run around the camp all day.
At Big Top this morning, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Christiane talked about Yoshi and how he is similar to the Armour of God. This little dragon has the ability to do so many things to help Mario complete the levels and rescue the Princess. We learned that God has given us our own Yoshi – it’s not a cute dinosaur but the Armour of God! When we intentionally put it on every day we are able to stand more firmly against the devil’s wily schemes.

After our delicious sandwich lunch, we created our very own Mario carts and later today will be racing them! Despite the warm temperatures, we had a fun afternoon of activities and enjoyed extra time at free swim.

Dinner tonight was meatballs, rice & green beans – yummy! After a very sweaty camp-wide game, we had a shortened campfire with a surprise NIGHT GAME! We ran all over camp looking for Yoshi coins that Bowser had scattered everywhere. Because we helped him, Yoshi says he’ll help us fight Bowser tomorrow – wish us luck – we’ll let you know how it goes!

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