NOVA 2019 – Day 1

Aside from the bus arriving about 30 minutes late – NOVA 2019 started off with a bang! Literally. Fireworks and all! After the kids got unpacked in their cabins, Jen, Kendra and Cheryl made a super nutritious meal for us hungry people – chicken fingers, fries and salad. I’m pretty sure I saw some kids eating salad….

After supper the cabins made their way around camp visiting stations and getting to know the ins and outs of camp life. They visited the tuck shop, nurse, met the Pastors (Christiane & Andrew), met the camp directors and did their swim tests. Brrrr.
We all came back together under the ‘BIG TOP’ for some worship and an introduction to our weeks’ theme: SUPER MARIO. Unfortunately we were interrupted – Toad has been captured by Bowser! Peach and Mario have to save Toad and tomorrow we will find Luigi to help. I guess Mario and Luigi have been estranged since the 90s. Who knew?

To start Canada Day celebrations and to finish off the day we had fireworks on Ahmic Lake! What a fun surprise and the kids loved it. After the mosquitos feasted on our blood – it was time for bed! Make sure to follow us on Instagram #campkahquah

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