Family Camp – Week 3

A great big hello to all of our Week 3 Family Campers! We are so glad you are here with us this week. Most families arrived at 2 p.m or shortly after, and within a short few hours the Camp was full with Brownlee’s, Wideman’s, VanDerMark’s, Burrison’s, Thompson’s, Fretz’s, Soppit’s, Lofthouse’s and many other families. We kicked off our week with a Welcome Dinner in the lodge, followed by many hello’s all around.

Sunday morning we welcomed our Worship Leader, Andrew Thompson and his “crew” as they lead us in a few songs. Jonathan Manafo is our Pastor for the week and he joined us later that evening. Kenny MacSweyn shared his Camp story with us at Chapel and talked about what God is and has been doing through this place. Our weekly sand castle building contest took place in the afternoon. Many teams participated and there were some great sculptures. My family (The Wideman’s) took home the win at the end with a life size canoe sculpture. The beach was full until sundaes and floats in the lodge. To say the least, it was a great first full day!

I hear Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were amazing days here as well. I was away, on a B.I.C. FLOW retreat, but it sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves. Our activity was open every day from 2-5 – families were able to go across the road and use our rock wall, high ropes course, low ropes course and archery. The Camp boat was also running; tubing, wake boarding, skiing and knee boarding have been big hits this week. One of our staff members, Saira Maloney has been organizing the kids craft each day and I hear it has been full.

Wednesday evening we celebrated two individuals who were baptized! Hayden Fretz (one of our CREW members) and Megan Cameron (one of our LITs) publicly declared that they want to follow Jesus. Nolan Beni, the Youth Pastor at Riverside Church came up to baptize them and it felt as if the whole Camp was down at the beach cheering them on. Truly a memorable moment here at Kahquah.

Thursday morning the sun was shining and the air was crisp. At Chapel Jonathan spoke about mercy. He discussed the difference between mercy and merciful, and then addressed the importance of showing mercy to ourselves and others. Matthew 18 and Luke 15 are great examples of what mercy looks like. Jonathan added that Micah 6:8 is exactly what God wants from us. He then closed by rhetorically asking, “Who do you need to show mercy towards?” We have loved having Jonathan here this week from the Village Church!

Before lunch Katie Wiens lead us in Aqua Fit at the beach. Our weekly Volleyball Tournament took place in the afternoon with eight teams competing. Although there was lots of competition; The Vandermark Family (Grayden, Bridgeley, Gabi and Anna) had the hits to win it all. Thursday was full of sunshine, and with a temperature of over 30°C the beach was well enjoyed. At 7 p.m our Kahquah Talent Show was held under the Big Top, every bench was full, and it looked to be our biggest turn out yet. Sundaes and floats followed in the lodge.

We blinked and just like that the last full day of Week 3 Family Camp has come and gone. The day started off cloudy and rainy but during Chapel the heavens opened and the sun came out. After lunch many families were at the beach enjoying the water, paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing. Our activity hub, and camp boat were running and people took full advantage of those all day which was great.

At 7:45 we kicked off our Euchre Tournament with 28 teams signed up, a record breaking tournament! Our Café began shortly after with sweets and treats to be enjoyed. Friends and families were playing board games and card games; the lodge was full of good, fun conversation. 3 hours later our Week 1 champions, Meredith Engle and Justin Osolky conquered all 28 teams and won the finals!

Saturday morning was cloudy and the air was crisp as families packed up and said goodbye to dear friends. Thank you to everyone who made this week amazing, we’ve loved having you here! Can’t wait to see you all next year.


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)

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