Family Camp – Week 2

Saturday evening the Camp was full with over 200 family campers and staff members. It was quiet during the day; families and friends were arriving throughout the day because of the long weekend traffic but nonetheless, people got here safe and it’s so good to see so many familiar faces. The lodge was full for dinner as we kicked off our week with a Welcome dinner.

Sunday morning we welcomed our pastor for the week, Pat Hand, the lead pastor at Wainfleet B.I.C Church, and our worship leader Gord Kentie. Following chapel a delicious roast beef lunch was served and everyone headed to the beach afterwards to enjoy the sunshine. Sunday afternoon we had lots of activities happening throughout the day and concluded our first full day with sundaes and floats in the lodge.

Monday was another beautiful day here at Family Camp. We began our morning with some staff testimonies, worship and dove into the word with Pat. Our afternoon activities were in full swing with water sports happening, the high ropes course open and crafts in the lower lodge. Monday evening families gathered under the Big Top to enjoy Trivia Night, followed by our Kahquah Update Meeting.

Tuesday was another gorgeous day. I awoke to the sound of the the Fretz’s boat as they enjoyed their usual 7 a.m morning ski. Chapel was full today, with another staff testimony, followed by songs of praise and a message from Pat. Afternoon activities were up and running, and our weekly Kahquah Carnival took place at the volleyball court at 7 p.m.


Wednesday was a rather cloudy day, but nonetheless families were out and about enjoying the day. After Chapel, Tammy Hand lead Zumba On The Beach and the beach was full, (even the boys were down there dancing about). Today seemed to be a nap day as many of our activities were slower than usual. During the evening, kids enjoyed a movie night with popcorn in the underground, and the Ladies were Crafting upstairs with snacks and all.

Thursday was a little bit cloudy but the sun managed to come out later in the afternoon. Chapel was full once again, but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Pat and his wife, Carol had to head out after chapel. Our weekly volleyball tournament took place at 3 p.m. Many competitive, talented teams were signed up; we even managed to put a staff team together. Advancing to the finals were the, “Drop-a-Hogg’s” (Laura and Tim Droppert, Graeme Hogg, and Ryan Chambers) and the Staff Team, (Kenny MacSweyn, Bridgley Vandermark, Justin Osolky and Hope Brownlee). However, because a few staff members had to work, they had to forfeit and the Drop-a-Hogg’s won, (mind you, I think the staff would have dominated otherwise). Haha! Thursday evening everyone came out to enjoy some Kahquah Talent in the Big Top and it was great.

Just like that, it’s as if we blinked and the last full day was here. The weather was perfect though, and many families spent the entire day at the beach. The lodge was full of friends and families at 8 p.m as everyone gathered for our Cafe night. Our euchre tournament was in full swing with 12 teams euchring it out, people were enjoying sweets and treats as well as participating in open mic. Can you guess who won the tournament? If you guessed the Droppert’s, you guessed right. Laura and Tim Droppert were the week 2 champions!

Saturday morning is here, people are packing up and getting ready to head out. It’s been a great week here with our very loved Week 2 Family Campers. We are looking forward to seeing you all next year.


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)

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