Family Camp – Week 1

Family Camp week 1 is well underway. Things have been going great and everyone is enjoying their week. We opened the gate on Saturday at 1:30 p.m (just 3 and a half hours after the campers departed), and kicked off our week with a Welcome BBQ. The Camp is full with over 200 family campers and staff members.

Sunday was full of sunshine. We welcomed Jim Lambert as he is our worship leader for the week and Tom Fenske as our Pastor for the week. Many of our staff members organized some great vbs classes for all different ages. Tom then guided us through Ephesians this week and challenged us to dive deeper with God and to explore the jam packed verses Paul writes within Ephesians. Sunday afternoon the children (and their parents) gathered by the beach for some picnic games and some even got out on the Camp boat to enjoy some tubing and water sports. During the evening there were sundaes and floats in the lodge to be enjoyed all, along with many games.

Monday was a beautiful sunny day as well. Family’s and friends were chair to chair and towel to towel on the beach all afternoon. Our Activity Hub was open from 2-5 and people got to experience our high ropes course and archery, share lots of laughs behind the Camp boat, be creative with crafts in the underground and to enjoy some sweets from our tuck shop. After dinner, our programmers planned a great trivia night for our loved Family Campers. Our new Directors for the year, Ryan and Amy Terpstra, hosted a “Meet The Directors” meeting and included a Kahquah update as well.

Just like that, Tuesday was here and another sunny day it was. Once again, Jim lead us in some wonderful worship and Tom challenged our hearts. The afternoon was great and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. From after lunch until dinner the lodge was completely empty, it was a fun filled afternoon. Tuesday night consisted of one of my favourites – The Kahquah Carnival! We transformed our volleyball court into a super carnival; kids were enjoying ring toss, sponge toss, getting their faces painted and many other games.

On Wednesday we had lots of activities planned, unfortunately, it was a rainy day here at Kahquah so some event got postponed. Family campers still got out to the beach to enjoy some rainy day swimming and tubing and many had a fun day playing games and watching movies in the lodge. Wednesday evening was our Ladies Craft and this week they made wall decors and boy did they look great. The little ones (and some adults) had a movie night in the underground. They watched, “Alice In Wonderland” and got to munch on some tasty popcorn as well.

Thursday was a day for the books. The sun was shining and there was lots going on. After lunch 10 canoes set out for there, “Canoe Day Trip” lead by our fearless Maintenance Manager, Kris Kaster. The group spent the afternoon paddling to and from a beautiful waterfall on Ahmic Lake and were back by 4:30 p.m. There was also a volleyball happening as well as our usual afternoon activities, (activity hub, water sports/tubing and crafts). After dinner we kicked off our evening with a Kahquah Talent Show, with sundaes and floats to follow.

Our last full day of Family Camp Week 1 has come to an end. Families were out enjoying the sunshine. The Bell Family took home the win at the sand castle building contest, but rumor on the street is that there were many creative castles. During the evening we had our weekly Friday Cafe night. People gathered in the lodge to enjoy some sweets, each other’s company and many participated in the euchre tournament. At the end of the evening, two of our staff members, Meredith Engle and Justin Osolky won the tournament and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Saturday morning was beautiful as people packed up and headed out. It was an amazing week here with our loved First Week Family Campers! We can’t wait to see you next year!


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)

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