The Final Friday

It was refreshing waking up this morning. The air was chilled and there was fog covering the lake; a beautiful sight to see. Morning activities were a go, except many campers felt quite tired this morning. Aspire then finished off the week strong as they lead flag raising and prayed for breakfast. We enjoyed a variety of muffins, cereal, yogurt and fruit.

Morning session in the Big Top began with a daily dance party, in hopes of waking everybody up and getting them excited. Laura sang, “Days Of Elijah”, “I Am Not Forgotten”, and a few other Camp favourites.

Although it was raining for session, the rain held off for first activity and everyone got a final chance to conquer their major for the week, or enjoy an activity of choice. The theme for today was, “Marvel.” Cabins came dressed as superheros from far and wide.¬†Chicken wraps and veggies were served for lunch and the last round of lunch time songs were sung.

Campers got to choose up to six items today from tuck, (the idea is that they save at least three items to enjoy while on the bus tomorrow, but sometimes the self-control is limited). On they went to second and third activity to get some last craft time in, to experience high ropes, archery and tubing. There was a little bit of rain for about 20 minutes during second activity but none the less; on it went.

Free swim was open and available to all, however only a few cabins were there. Most of the girls were getting dress-up for tonight’s banquet dinner with their leaders. It’s an unwritten rule that for Fridays dinner during Summit, everyone comes, “dressed to impress”. After a delicious dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, corn and salad; cabins gathered outside to take picture with each other. I also managed to get some cabin pictures from the week. Here are your very well dressed, amazing kids.


Here’s your Aspire team!

The final Camp wide game began just after pictures were complete. Tonight’s game was a relay. Teams had to choose designated runners and swimmers to compete in specific running and swimming events throughout the race. BUT, here’s the catch: teams were required to carry their giant rocket ship they made on Sunday (a couple rockets are up to five feet tall). After a very competitive game, team ASI took the win!

Tonight’s Big Top time was so incredible. You could feel God in this place. Nolan discussed how Jesus makes things different than in Exodus. He explained that Jesus comes in and lifts us up, He pulls us from the muck and mud of our sin and shame. Nolan had been preparing us for when we go home all week, at the end of his talk he handed out glow sticks. The glow sticks represented us as stars; he then explained how each one is so unique and how we can be a light where ever we go. The session ended with a 45 minute dance party and glow sticks being waved high.

AND the winners of the week are… ASI! Each team did so good and put forth an amazing effort. ASI celebrated there victory with, “Out Of This World, Galaxy Swirl Cupcakes,” (made by our very own Cyndy Cober).

After some major awards and highlights, everyone headed to bed. Well that’s a wrap on Summit. A huge thank you to our Program Directors; Chloe Murphy, Noah Martin, and Keiran Hogg. Also a huge THANK YOU to YOU all, for sending your kids to Kahquah, we couldn’t have done it without our amazing campers! Until next year Summit campers.


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)

One thought on “The Final Friday

  1. Again, your masterful writing made me feel like I was there! thank you for keeping us so up to date on the kahquah happenings! I am also very thankful for Nolan as you have allowed us to keep up on his teachings throughout the week and I pray that God continues to use his words in each of the campers lives. He sounds like a gifted teacher. Blessings!!

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