A Jam Packed Thursday

Day 5 of Summit 2018 complete. Today it was a beautiful, brisk morning with an average temperature of 18°C. Morning activities were well on there way by 7:45 a.m (with a few exceptions, due to some cabins failing to awake for the wake-up bell). Aspire crushed flag raising once again, and a hundred campers lined up to enjoy some baked oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, and fruit.


Teatherball, always an enjoyable morning activity.

Today was the day Crew had their solo’s in the afternoon so our amazing Aspire took over their cleaning responsibilities for the day. Each tribe got a taste of each responsibility by rotating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to either kitchen, hospitality or programming and they did a wonderful job!

Cabins were cleaned just in time for our daily pre-worship dance party. Each and every leader was scattered throughout the Big Top jumping and shouting to begin and within minutes the campers were joining in too.

First activity rolled around rather quickly this morning and everyone was off aiming to achieve the next level up in their major, relaxing on the beach or putting their creative mind to work at crafts.

The overall theme for today is, “Star Wars”. The lunch time dress-up challenge was to dress your cabin leader. Every cabin went all out and did absolutely amazing, support staff were out on the porch as well checking out the dress-ups. Baked potatoes, chili, broccoli, veggies and a variety of toppings were served for lunch with a colourful fruit tray for dessert.

Off they went to tuck and bunk to enjoy some sweets. Then, everyone excitedly ran off to their second and third activities. Thankfully the thunder and rain held off and the sun came out! Campers were busy doing archery, low ropes, high ropes, water sports, tubing, crafts, wilderness and beach activity; the water mat even came out for the campers to enjoy. Free swim was a smashing success as well. There was a line-up to swim off the dock, and a football toss happening at the beach.

Dinner tonight was an outside BBQ. Aspire helped to prepare and clean-up at the end as cabins enjoyed their hamburgers and hot dogs outside. A fun volleyball game was also started as well.

There were lots of events happening tonight. The campers played, “Douce The Aspire” (a spin-off of “Douce The Flames” due to the extreme fire ban). Following the game, the annual Crew vs. Aspire Relay Challenge took place and Aspire took the WIN! Then, when all the cabins headed to campfire the LITs had their LIT Graduation. During the Graduation, they enjoyed some treats & sweets, and each earned a certificate awarded to them based on their talents, skills or a funny memory. Today was a day for the books here at Kahquah, that’s for sure.


Your Camp Kahquah Family (Hope Brownlee)


One thought on “A Jam Packed Thursday

  1. Thank you so much for the updates you do each day! So nice to see my girl with a smile on her face and know that she is having as much fun as I did at her age! Your write ups give a wonderful and thorough tribute to each day at camp and I almost feel like I can experience all the happenings through your writings! Thanks Hope!

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