Quest – Day 4 – Battleship

We can hardly believe it is already day four of Quest! Activities and majors have been in full swing and all of camp was revved up for today! Last night at campfire, Aunt Linda and Jordanne introduced us to the board game for today, Battleship! A naval officer arrived on the scene and was looking for the maps for his ship, when he discovered he did not have them! Turns out we all witnessed the sneaky mouse run away with the maps!

The morning proceeded as usual, with morning activities, flag raising and activity selection with  a decadent delicious breakfast consumed. Campers scurried to cabin clean up to compete for the most points for their teams. It’s always great to see how campers work together to make their cabin the most neat, tidy, and crisp.

Morning activities were attended, campers enjoyed kayaking, beach, ropes, and more.




The leaders in training had an opportunity to go tubing this morning, and really seemed to enjoy the process.

The lunch theme today involved getting into the lodge without being noticed. Many cabins succeeded the challenge while others found themselves outside still when the bell rang for lunch. So much creativity exuded from the various cabins!

After lunchtime and many rounds of fantastic lunchtime songs, cabins enjoyed their tuck before heading to afternoon activities. Crafts had some really creative work happening and all seemed to be intently working on their individual projects.



Free swim was a blast with lots of splashing, and many sand-projects happening on the beach as well.



After dinner, campers geared up for the camp-wide game which involved a three part extravaganza.

Phase I:  Campers collected eggs around the grounds which granted them a specific amount of balloons to use during phase III.

Phase II: Campers sat on the hill above the lake watching leaders and counsellors battle each other on a giant water pad. Many prevailed, while others, not so much!





Phase III: A giant round of life-size battleship was held using waterballoons and a cabin leader catapult. It was a pretty incredible game!


Campers then headed to their cabins to get ready for another adventure filled campfire. Many laughs were had, and the campfire challenge was a tough one with cabin leaders holding buckets of water over their heads releasing a finger at a time until the bucket of water fell over. We found out tonight that the mouse had snuck into another area of camp, the kitchen and while we were being told by the kitchen baker, the sneaky mouse came up from behind and dumped flour and water on the baker. The crowd broke out in frustration with the mouse and we are anticipated a great catch tomorrow during the theme of the day: MouseTrap!


Stay tuned for the unfoldings of the final full day of camp tomorrow!

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