Quest – Day 3 – Monopoly

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

The theme of today kickstarted last night at campfire when our mother-daughter duo, and Program Directors for the week, Jordanne and Linda shared the new board game for today. Monopoly! As I write, cabins are scurrying around the campground looking to buy properties for the best deal in town at the camp wide game.

While at campfire yesterday, we met Mr. Monopoly and found out that his money had been taken by our sneaky rodent friend.


(Pictured above – cabin leaders drinking a can of soda pop through the filter of another leader’s sock!)

Morning activities were busy today, and the air was crisp … but that didn’t stop a handful of people from dipping in the lake today!


A great breakfast was enjoyed by all, daily activities were selected and cabins were cleaned up until they glistened in the morning sun. Campers participated in some great worship songs this morning led by Linda, Jordanne and Aunt Kayla. Everyone listened closely as Christina shared from a Max Lucado book “Because I Love You” and highlighted how much God pursues us even when we wander. After small groups and first activities, cabins geared up for lunch dress up.

Monopoly characters flooded the lodge and smiles were shared all around as various pieces from the famous board game were represented.




During our afternoon rehydration station Popsicles were enjoyed by all and helped to cool down everyone between afternoon activities.




Dust lifted during the afternoon dodgeball activity as campers took on two leaders in a challenging round of ball.


The craft of the day was wind chimes, and several campers crafted personalized chimes to cherish and ring.


After free swim, dinner was enjoyed outside by all, a welcomed treat!


The camp wide game is still happening and soon after we will convene at the campfire to surely sing some great songs, and likely watch some hilarious skits.

Who knows what sort of mouse mischief might happen around the fire tonight!



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