Quest – Day 2 – Operation

Last night at campfire the “Operation” game theme for the day was presented in the daily challenge with teams competing for the highest points in completing the classic game itself.

Around this time the sneaky rodent stole a stethoscope from the doctor! Campers were ready to find the missing medical tools taken by the mouse. The plot thickens!!

This morning started out cool, breezy, and sunny as we scurried to our morning activities. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast consistency of: fruit, cereal, and yogurt parfaits. After selecting activities for the day we were off to cabin clean up to earn some points for our teams and to impress the cabin clean up fairies who judge each cabin and their cleanliness.

With stomachs full and cabins clean, the happy groups came to the Big Top to sing some songs together. We all got right into the moves to the groovy tunes, and declared loudly how everlasting and indescribable our God is. Christina then shared with us about how much God loves us as unique as we are, and wants us to live our best. We learned that we sometimes miss the mark, but were reminded we are human becomings who are constantly growing and learning to live our best. We unpacked these themes deeper in our small groups with each cabin.


Camp was buzzing as campers shuffled to their first activities of the day. The watersports major, and canoeing and kayaking majors were drifting along well, with campers grinning as they braved the waters! Crafts was also a happening place today as the project of the day was creating whiteboards using all sorts of fun tape, with personal markers to go along with!

At lunch cabins came to dine all dressed up as Doctors and Patients. There were many “sick” and “wounded” kids around, and all have lived to tell the story.





After lunch we moved on to our afternoon activities; the high ropes course was in full swing and the Archery activity was definitely right on target!








Campers enjoyed the Free Swim activity period and came to dinner hungry and eager for the camp-wide game tonight! The game was held across the road, with two teams (one being Doctors, and one being patients) striving to capture the opponents goods. The patients had the Doctors medical bags, and the Doctors had taken the patients medicine.

We then transitioned to Campfire where we saw some great skit performances, sang some sweet songs and heard a reflective message from Christina before heading to our cabins for a bedtime snack. As we prepare for slumber we anticipate another great day at Kahquah tomorrow 🙂


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