Nova – Day 5 – “Queen of Hearts”

It was another beautiful day at Camp Kahquah on Ahmic Lake. The bell toll marked the beginning of morning activity.

With the cooler temperatures today, many campers chose hiking and aerobics over the ‘polar dip’ which was a fitting title today given the brisk morning breeze. Fourteen brave campers easily got into the warm, shallow waters from the beach this morning… getting out was not quite as much fun. Surprisingly our dedicated swimmers still had big smiles on their faces as they headed up to their cabins to get dressed for the day.

Flag raising was much more energetic this morning, with campers playing various games (i.e., 007) and talking before the ceremony began. The cooler temperatures seemed to bring more energy and enthusiasm to the start of the day.

Breakfast this morning was delicious breakfast burritos, also known as ‘egg wraps’. Campers could also have cereal, yogurt and some fresh fruit. The breakfast options at camp seem endless; there is always something for everyone (don’t worry mom’s and dad’s, even the pickiest of eaters have options available that they like here at camp)!


Campers gathered under the ‘Big Top’ tent for morning Underground. Songs could be heard ringing out across the camp, including a new song titled, “More Than Conquerors.”

At Underground this morning Camp Pastor David addressed the campers and talked to them about how wide and deep, as well as how long and high the Lord’s love is. He discussed how the family of God is so important and how the idea of family has been there right from the beginning. Camp Pastor David said that everyone can be part of the family of God. He then invited all campers to come into His kingdom and be part of His family.

Session 1 began at 11:00am. All the regular ‘majors’ were available to the campers as well as crafts and beach.

The 12:30 bell signaled to campers that they should line up for lunch. From all over camp the Queen’s Army appeared. It was impossible to identify who were the ‘real’ Queen’s Army and who were imposters, those hoping to sneak into the castle to help find Alice before the evil Queen did.


The large ‘army’ was fed homemade pizzas for lunch. The delicious pizza meal was accompanied by a variety of fresh garden vegetables. The entire ‘army’ was well fed and hence ready for an afternoon of activities. Talk, during lunch, seemed much more excited and enthusiastic today… maybe this was due to the cooler weather and campers having more energy or maybe it was due to the friendships that have been forged and the bonds that have been created during this week at camp. These are the connections that will last a lifetime.

During announcements Porcupine Ridge and the Kubbies were awarded first place for Cabin Clean Up. Deer Run was awarded top honours for Cabin Dress Up.

The LIT’s arrived back at camp this afternoon just after 12:30pm from Algonquin. They had spent the past 3 days (TuesdayFriday) in Algonquin Park camping, hiking, portaging and canoeing. The teens looked a little fatigued, but were in great spirits. First order of business was – lunch.

Today is, I think, every campers most favourite day of ‘Tuck and Bunk.’ The standard 3 item limit is raised to 6 for those lucky campers who still have cash left! Campers can ‘Go Wild’ in making purchases of candy, chocolate, and/or freezies. It is a child’s dream come true! Never fear parents, all sugar will have worn off by pick up tomorrow morning.

Cabin photos were taken during this time. It was hard to pull the campers away from their candy treasures long enough to capture a photograph of their bunk mates to post for this blog.  Please ignore the purple tongues and ring pops that are evident in some of the photos.

Session 2 began promptly at 1:45pm and included the usual ‘majors’ as well as optional activities such as low ropes, cookie baking, and crafts.


Session 3 had campers at the beach, maker space, tubing, bracelet making, and low ropes. Today our Kubbies spent their third session altogether on the high ropes.

During free time at the beach the campers were spread out evenly in the water and on the sand. Volleyball, sandcastles, and elaborate sand tunnels were being built on the beach while other campers splashed around in the warm water at the beach. Smiles were everywhere!

Dinner was served at 5:30pm. Ham, scalloped potatoes, corn, and a mixed salad were on the menu tonight. The campers were then treated to triple fudge brownies for dessert.

The Camp Wide Game took everyone across the road, up the hill, to the wide open space for a large game of capture the flag. It was campers against the staff… guess who won… well, let’s just say those campers sure run fast! Apparently the staff should not have had seconds of Jen’s delicious triple fudge brownie. That’s probably what made the difference between a win and a loss for the staff. Well, there is always next year…

Campfire on Friday night is always bittersweet. The campers are usually looking forward to going home and seeing friends and family, but at the same time they are sad to be saying goodbye to the friends and family they have made here at camp. They are now, and will be forever, part of the Camp Kahquah family.

From our family to yours, we wish you well until we see you again.

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