Nova – Day 4 – “Un-Birthday Day”

Campers woke up to another beautiful day here at Camp Kahquah.
As staff headed down to morning devotions many of our youngest campers, the Kubbies, were already dressed and eager to start their day.

7:45am marked the beginning of morning activity. Campers chose between an early morning swim, aerobics, or a short wilderness hike.



Today, at flag raising, the temperature and sun was much more pleasant and the campers weren’t huddled under the shade of the old chapel. Instead they were found sitting on the grass around the flag pole talking excitedly about the upcoming activities for the day.



As the campers entered the lodge for breakfast they were met by quite a surprise! The Mad Hatter had decorated the lodge for a giant Birthday Party – to celebrate all the ‘Un-Birthdays’. The Mad Hatter LOVES Birthday Parties and thinks it is a shame that you only have one each year so he chooses to celebrate all the un-birthday days. That means he is celebrating 364 days of the year! Campers were greeted with horns, birthday hats, balloons and more! Even breakfast included a type of cake – don’t worry parents it was made of wholesome goodness including oatmeal and apples, or raspberries or blueberries. Nevertheless it was fun to think we were having cake for breakfast!



Our two program directors for the week of Nova thoroughly enjoyed making noise, shouting ‘Happy Un-Birthday!’ and blowing party horns as all the campers entered the lodge. Many of the campers devoured the jellybeans that were in their birthday party drinking cups which were waiting for them at their cabin tables when they sat down. What a wonderful ‘un-birthday’ surprise! The Kubbies had a blast playing with the balloons when breakfast was over. All in all it was a really great party and a fun way to start our day here at camp!

We kicked off Underground this morning by singing, “The Fruit of the Spirit,” “Praise Like Fireworks,” and “Good Good Father.” The Camp Pastor David asked the campers if the Holy Spirit had been encouraging, comforting and exhorting any of them this week and the children responded with a resounding, “Yes!”




After cabin discussions, Session 1 activities began with campers at various major activities including high ropes, archery, canoeing, water sports, kayaking, and wilderness. Campers and Kubbies without ‘majors’ got to choose between crafts and beach.







At 12:30pm the cabins showed up all ‘decked out’ at the lodge for the “Mad Tea Party,” also known as lunch, dressed in interesting hats and fancy dresses and clothes.



IMG_5984.JPGFor lunch, campers and counselors ate homemade chicken noodle soup full of tasty bow tie pasta noodles and chicken served with yummy cheese biscuits, fresh veggies and salad.

Winners of cabin dress up today were Beechwood and Porcupine Ridge. The winner for cabin clean up was Porcupine Ridge.

Tuck and bunk was next on the agenda and is always one of the most highly anticipated activities on the schedule. Prior to attending camp, one may assume that during this time one would relax and catch a quick ‘cat nap’ and rejuvenate for the rest of the days activities. Well campers do rejuvenate – they just do this with a little candy and the company of good camp buddies. Don’t worry grownups, the candy is limited to a maximum of three selections per day.

1:45pm marked the beginning of Session 2 where high ropes, archery, water sports, kayaking, beach volleyball, wilderness, and mad science were the majors being offered. For Kubbies and others needing a change from their ‘majors’, low ropes, cookie baking, and crafts were additional options to perhaps give a try.









During rehydration station, campers who showed up with their water bottles to refill with water received a jumbo freezie. Camp staff have continued to model safe and healthy habits while heat warnings remained in effect.

Session 3 began promptly at 3pm. Beach, high ropes, maker space, bracelet making, low ropes, kayaking, and gaga ball were available for all campers. The youngest of our campers, the Kubbies, had fun out on the water tubing today. Way to go brave little Kubbies tubing out on the lake!




During free swim there were an abundance of swimmers enjoying the warm water today. Campers were swimming in the shallow roped off swimming area, as well as off the dock. When the whistle went, indicating it was time to get out and get ready for dinner, most campers seemed disappointed that their swimming time was over already. But if there is anything that can get the kids out of the water and changed fast, it is Jen’s amazing chicken fingers and fries dinner served with yummy salad!



IMG_6007.JPGLife at camp is never dull… Tonight campers had to ‘Monkey Around’ to get their camper mail. Then an interesting (yet exciting) announcement was made at the end of dinner – all campers were to wear clothes that can get wet or their bathing suit to campfire this evening… the lodge was immediately ‘a buzz’ with what this could possibly mean.

Tonight’s Camp Wide Game had campers searching for a total of 9 Alice in Wonderland characters scattered around the camp – cabin members had to find the character using a map, return their item to them and in some cases perform a specific challenge at the station.




At camp fire this evening, songs were sung, skits were performed, and the campers cooled off before bed with some water play in a sprinkler. A wonderful way to end another hot and sunny day here at Camp Kahquah.

Campers returned to their cabins cooled off, ready for a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow will be our final full day at camp.  It is amazing how fast a week at camp flies by… maybe that is because, for part of the week, Alice’s watch was missing… or maybe it is because we’ve been having so much fun!

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