A Final Goodbye

Dear Kahquah Community,

This post comes at  a bitter sweet time for Caitlin and I, as it will be our final note as we transition out of our roles as Executive Directors.  I don’t typically make personal posts, but we are blessed beyond belief to have served in this role.  We never thought that the position which was originally only supposed to be six months would be extended to over two and a half years.  There were stressful, difficult, exciting, amazing, and incredible times.  Thank you for being such a fantastic family to us and I hope you will continue to remain close even though we move on.  Most of all, I would like to thank three major groups of people: our mentors, staff, and campers.  We appreciate everyone who has poured into us, trusted us, and experienced Jesus in the last few years.


As we have opened registration, we have seen the biggest number of registrants at this point in the past 6 years.  So far we have 210 campers registered, 23 CREW applicants and 13 LIT applicants.  What an amazing response in such a short period of time! I truly believe this is a reflection of the love, care, and commitment our staff have shown.  Praise The Lord!

We are fortunate this year to have the biggest response from churches and events inviting us not only to promote camp but also partner with their existing ministries.  A main goal we always had was to be a resource and partner to BIC expressions of church and I am thrilled this is trending upward.  Several congregations invited Caitlin and I to participate in “Camp Kahquah Sunday” where various generations would share the impact camp had on them and how that translated into long term relational growth. We have one final church visit and then Ryan and Amy will be doing the rest.  What a huge success!

Staff applications continue to pour in as we move towards the March 25th deadline.  Many staff are returning to various roles and we are thankful for their continued commitment.

Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray we will have someone answer the call to be North of 50 Directors.  We are so thankful for the service of the Nix’s and Giles’ over the past several years, and we hope to fill this role shortly.

Continue to pray for volunteers and staff members for the coming season.  We have many staff returning, but several key positions need to be filled.

As Caitlin and I transition out of the role, please pray for Ryan and Amy to continue to be strong leaders for Kahquah.  They have been doing an excellent job behind the scenes and we are excited for them to take on this new position.

Upcoming Events


  • Various Church Visits throughout the next few months
  • Women’s Retreat at the end of April
  • Men’s retreat date TBA
  • Work Weekend TBA


Once again, thank you all for the love, support, and community we have experienced with all of you over the past two years.  If you would like to remain in contact, please email us back for our personal information.

For a final time – Yours in Christ and Camping,

Graeme and Caitlin Hogg

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