Concluding Another Summer of Camp – Family Camp Week 4

It was an amazing fourth week of family camp to finish off our time here at Camp Kahquah this summer! We had a beautiful start to the week on Sunday, with some picnic games and sand building castle contests to get things started. We had a bunch of campers design a sand structure that resembled Ancient Rome, and I was told that it was a very “non-violent part of Rome”. They ended up being the winners of the week, and were rewarded with tickets for a free sundae or float. They used their tickets that night when everyone gathered in the lodge to consume those two delicious treats!


Pontoon fishing started up regularly throughout the week on Monday, along with the Activity Hub opening up for business across the road. Campers had the chance to enjoy high ropes, low ropes, lawn games, and archery throughout the afternoon to keep busy and to make new memories. That evening, we had “Family Camp Night” under the big tent, with bingo, trivia, and family feud to get things running. It really wasn’t hard to engage the competitiveness in our campers – they were quick on their feet! While “Family Camp Night” was happening, the teens had their “Teen Movie Night” in the Crew House.


On Tuesday, some of our campers had the opportunity to get their exercise on for Aquafit with Maggie Sider, which was a good time for all who participated. During the Activity Hub, the rock wall was opened for both experienced and beginner climbers to try and climb to the top! Jared Long also hosted a nature walk in the afternoon for motivated hikers to walk the Hiawatha Trail around Camp. In the evening, Cait and Graeme invited campers to a “Love Languages” seminar to determine everyone’s love language, with some fun games and laughter to help make the night memorable. While the adults were participating in this gathering, the kids had a night in the lodge watching a movie and hanging out with friends.


Wednesday held some more activities outside, with the pamper pole being available up at high ropes. There was also some ladies crafts, where everyone gathered to create detailed wooden signs to hang up at home. We also hosted the Kahquah Penny Carnival, where both kids and adults came out to try their hand at some games to win candy for their candy stash. On Thursday, the teens had the chance to go paddle boarding and kayaking out on the lake as a group. That night, we also had some more campers showcase at the camp-wide talent show, with some sundaes & floats served afterwards to finish the night off perfectly. Everyone enjoyed their last day at Camp outside on Friday in the sunshine. Graeme held the final BIC book club meeting to discuss the book “Reunion: The Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners” by Bruxey Cavey. Friday evening there was our Euchre tournament, along with the last Kahquah Café, with coffee, pizza, desserts, and an open mic to bring everyone together for a cozy night in the lodge.



It’s been an amazing journey and honour to have written the blog for both kid’s camp and family camp this summer. Everything that is recorded in these writings is just a small taste of the fun and the love that is experienced in this small corner of Ahmic Lake. Camp Kahquah is a special place where you can see God work throughout the lives of both the campers and the staff, regardless of age or time spent here. Thank you to everyone who made this summer memorable and who contributed to helping further God’s kingdom. We all hope to see you again next summer, and may you have an incredible upcoming year!

Blog By: Karley Sider


One thought on “Concluding Another Summer of Camp – Family Camp Week 4

  1. It’s been great reading the blog throughout the summer. Thanks Karley for beautifully weaving together the text and pictures into a descriptive narrative of life at Camp Kahquah!

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