Leisure Time at Family Camp Week 3

Our third week of family camp has gone by in a blink of an eye! On Sunday, we were able to enjoy some picnic games under the hot sun, which included games of limbo, the water balloon toss, a three-legged race, and wheelbarrow racing! We also had a sand castle building contest, where multiple entries were deliberated upon to decide a winner. One group built a huge sand alligator, which was chomping on a camper, and another group build an island in the water (called “The Tropical Island of Kahquahina”) and built a fire on it. Ultimately, the “Tropical Island of Kahquahina” was the winner! We also had the opportunity to see two baptisms happen on Sunday, Daniel Soppitt’s and Josh Day’s! It’s amazing to hear about how Camp Kahquah affects or contributes to people’s individual spiritual journeys.




On Monday, the activity hub opened back up for the week, allowing for family campers to have some fun across the road. Archery, low ropes, and high ropes were available in the afternoon for everyone to experience! With a nice day outside, everyone spent time out on the beach and out on the water for most of the day. Our teens had a fun night in the Crew house spending some time together watching “Moana”, and everyone else had an entertaining time in the Big Tent for a family game night, which included trivia, bingo, and family feud!


On Tuesday, after Chapel, we were able to experience another baptism out on Kahquah’s beach! Our very own Camp director, Caitlin Hogg, decided to take the big step to be baptized, and was enthusiastically supported by both family campers and all the staff who came out to witness the event. That day we also hosted a big volleyball tournament out on the volleyball court, which many participated in while others spectated. To end the day, we had the Kahquah Penny Carnival, allowing for some fun interactions between the family campers and staff members, and a good time for all the kids who wanted to win some candy!




Wednesday was another busy day here at Camp! Some family campers went off campus with Graeme Hogg to go kayaking and canoeing down Distress River. It was a fun day-trip out of Camp to see some new sights! Our teens also had the opportunity to go on the Pontoon boat, where they sailed down Ahmic Lake to Magnetawan for some ice cream – it was a cool way to make new friends and hang out with their leaders. Cait and Graeme hosted a love languages seminar in the evening, with some hilarious “Would You Rather” questions to get things started. They then gave a test by the end to determine everyone’s love language! Simultaneously, there was a crafts night for the rest of the adults and a movie night for the younger kids, who were glued to the screen watching “Finding Nemo”.


The weather on Thursday and Friday was a little on the rainy side, but it didn’t stop anyone from enjoying their time here at Camp. On Thursday night, we were able to host another Kahquah Talent Show, with sundaes and floats served by our staff afterwards. On Friday, Graeme hosted the BIC Book Club, and we also had a huge gathering to play in the annual Euchre Tournament – everyone competitively fought for the Euchre title and crown. The Kahquah Café in the lodge was planned afterwards, as a final hurrah before the week was over. Everyone was welcomed to help themselves to some coffee, pizza, and desserts, with an open mic to make the evening complete. Thank you to all the third week family campers for making this week unforgettable, and we hope to see you all again next year!


Blog By: Karley Sider


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