Finding Fun at Family Camp – Week 2

It’s been quite an eventful second week of family camp here at Camp Kahquah! Despite the one-and-off rainy conditions, our programmers and staff have kept busy running events and helping make life-long memories, which our campers have been thoroughly enjoying. We’ve had fun participating in trivia night, picnic games, and café night. We were also able to host a talent show where all the amazing campers, both young and old, shared their gifts onstage in the Big Tent in front of a supporting crowd. We had some people tell jokes, riddles, stories, and we had others play the harmonica, ukulele, and perform in skits and dances. There was also a magic show performed – one of the highlights of the night! Those who participated were rewarded with ice cream floats, a small prize for such big talents.

At the beginning of the week, campers and their families were able to participate in a classic sand-building competition. It got week two of family camp off to a great start! Abbey graciously put in some time to create certificates for our winners who wanted a physical reminder of their hard work. It was a great time spent on the beach and in the sun! This week we also hosted our first ever Kahquah family camp canoe day trip. It contained a two hour paddle with a bunch of our remarkable family campers. They had some great weather and were not only able to connect with nature, but with their friends and family who were experiencing the fun with them.


Our programmers also put together a fun Kahquah Carnival for the family campers to get involved with. By purchasing some tickets, kids were able to play in carnival games in order to win some candy. There was gummy worm fishing, the Oreo forehead challenge, face painting, water balloon throwing, ring tossing, pantyhose bowling, and red cup stacking, which were a few of the awesome games available for the campers to play. The weather stayed beautiful in order for the night to be a complete success, and many campers left with stomachs full of treats!



A volleyball tournament was hosted on our volleyball court on Tuesday and was supervised by Luke! He kept score while an hour of games were played, until only the last two teams remained. It was a very intense final game, with the match going all the way up to 24, where “next point wins” would be the winner. The “M&M Spaceballs” ended up getting that 25th point, effectively winning the game and allowing a huge chorus of cheers to resound throughout the camp. It was fun to spectate and see everyone come together, whether participating or watching, to have a good time playing sports!


We’d like to thank all of our second week family campers for spending some of your time with us here at Camp Kahquah, and we hope that the rest of your summers are filled with more good times and memories.  See you again next year!


Blog By: Karley Sider


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