Off to New Territories – Summit Day 6


It was our last day of Summit today, as well as our final day of kid’s camp! It’s been a fantastic four weeks, and counselors & staff agree that it went by in a blink of an eye. There was some more great weather for this final day, with the sun shining over Camp ensuring that activities were lively and bustling throughout the day. Our last stop on this Canadian road trip was Yukon, successfully wrapping up Summit’s theme for this year. Campers ate a breakfast of yogurt parfait, and then gathered in Aboveground for one of their last sessions with Pastor Nolan. The tent was filled with lovely singing voices in worship and laughter as Nolan invited counselors up to beat-box and tell jokes. Once first activity was over, campers headed back to their cabins to get cleaned up for lunch.

For Pastor Nolan’s last Aboveground sessions today, he started with a little game of “Would You Rather” – Bible edition! Once the chatter had died down, Nolan started introducing the session, speaking about not being alone. Continuing with the story of Peter, Nolan talked about how in Acts, Peter becomes the guy who went from not talking in front of people to the man who made such a moving speech that 3,000 people decided to make the decision to follow Jesus. We see a new Peter, the guy God made him to be. Nolan then went on to say how we can’t follow Jesus by ourselves, we need God and the Holy Spirit. God wants us to follow him be he knows we are weak on our own. In His infinite grace and mercy, He sends help that saves us – The Holy Spirit. Often when we go home, we forget what we’ve been gives, and after a while we feel alone in our walks with Jesus. Luckily, we have the Bible as a source that helps strengthen our relationship with God!



Lunch dress-up for today was anything to do with the Yukon Territory, so there were lots of campers showing up in warm clothes and other campers dressing as mountains. Uncle Matt’s cabin created a cardboard car that was a GMC Yukon, and were making puns such as “Yukon not get away!” They were pretty bad jokes but everyone laughed anyways. Campers were rewarded for their hard work with taco salad and veggies for lunch, and then assembled back in their cabins for some tuck and rest. Second and third activity came and went, with everyone wrapping up their majors for the week and showing off their newfound skills! Free swim was packed again today, with everyone getting in their last fun times in the lake before leaving tomorrow. Supper was ham, scalloped potatoes, and corn, with ice cream for dessert!


The camp-wide game for today was a pentathlon, with a colour run at the end for some fun! Campers had to bike, run, kayak, canoe, and swim against other cabins and try to come in first. The whole Camp was used and all hands were on deck to make it happen! Uncle Luke and Uncle Noah did an amazing job in coordinating and organizing the whole event so it ran as smoothly as possible. After the game, campers headed to their last Aboveground session before enjoying their last campfire. Tomorrow they head back home, and we hope they have a wonderful rest of their summer!


I have had such a great time this summer getting to share these pictures and stories with you. It is such a small glimpse into what happens here at kids camp- the memories that have been made and the lives that have been changed (even just in small ways) is what keeps bringing us all back here. Tomorrow we say goodbye to all these amazing campers, and even a lot of our staff team as we transition to family camp. Writing this final kids camp blog of the year is so bittersweet, but stay tuned for updates from family camp.


Until next time,

Karley Sider



One thought on “Off to New Territories – Summit Day 6

  1. Thanks Karley. You did a great job. Good to see the kids having such a good time. Could not wait until evening to see what the kids have been upto
    John and Leny van der Mark

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