Welcome Blaze Campers! Day 1


Our Blaze campers got here safely and happily this evening! Our counselors excitedly greeted them as they walked off the bus, and helped all their campers move into their cabins for the week. Once the supper bell rang at 5:30, famished campers made their way to the dining hall for some spaghetti and bread, with fresh cookies ready for them for dessert.

Our new Crew team also arrived today! We are so eager to have this new team for the next two weeks and to start getting to know them better!


Once our programmers, Jordanne and Abbey, introduced themselves, the campers were released to get ready for their swim tests. This week’s theme for Blaze is “Spy Academy”. The lake was a little chilly after a day of on-and-off rain, but it was refreshing for the campers after such a long trip up. The campers then headed back to their cabins to get changed for Underground, where they had a bit of worship; Pastor Aaron introduced himself and a little bit of what the campers are going to learn this week. From there, the campers got their flashlights and bug spray ready for their first campfire, and then headed to bed to get a good rest in for tomorrow’s start to the week! We’re very excited to see what this week holds!



Blog & Pictures By: Karley Sider


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