Juras-sick Park Friday – Quest & Bravo Day 6


It was certainly a “sick” last day of Bravo and Quest today (in the best of terms). It started off with a filling breakfast of apple and raspberry turnovers, with campers quickly lining up afterwards to choose their last activities for the day. Once that and cabin clean-up occurred, everyone packed into the Underground for some last messages from Pastor Janet. The weather wasn’t very kind here today and was either overcast or rainy, but luckily it didn’t pour for the important outside daytime activities. Regardless of the weather, it was great to see how the campers took advantage of their final day at camp and relished in every last minute!

For lunch dress-up today, campers dressed up as the dinosaurs they drew for lunch yesterday. We’ll be sad to see all these inventive campers leave, their imaginations have been a treat to witness this week!



Our lovely Bravo campers put on an amazing show for the whole camp today! Their talent shone on the theater floor and it was such an enjoyment watching their hard work being translated into a great play. Nat and Charis beamed with pride watching this production take flight, and rounds of applause’s could be heard echoing through the camp once all contributors took a collective bow.DSC_0755DSC_0809DSC_0852DSC_0862DSC_0864DSC_0868DSC_0872DSC_0886DSC_0888DSC_0896DSC_0897

Once supper (of chicken, vegetables, noodles, and ice cream for dessert) was eaten, the campers got ready for the camp-wide game. For this game, the power had gone out in Jurassic Park and the raptors had been set loose. The campers were in a mad scramble to save all their resources from the dinosaurs (aka. their wild cabin leaders). It was a crazy, awesome game to end the week! After campfire, campers headed back to their bunks for the last time – tomorrow morning they will be headed back home!

It has been such a privilege to have such an amazing group of campers here this week. Watching them face their fears, bond with their cabins, and embrace every twist and turn that both the dinosaurs and weather threw their way brought so much joy to all of us at Kahquah. We are sad to see them go, but already excited to see them return next year, older, maybe wiser and ready for a new adventure.




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