Out-stego-ing Dino Thursday


Our Thursday morning here at Quest & Bravo started out with some pretty bleary weather, but it cleared right up very quickly and therefore didn’t derail any plans for the day! Campers had some yogurt parfait after morning activities for breakfast, and headed back to their cabins to get ready for Underground. After hearing today’s message, they headed out for some exercise! First activity wrapped up quickly and campers were fairly hungry as a result, so they eagerly gathered in the dining hall for some subs for lunch! Dress-up included cabin’s collectively drawing their own made-up dinosaur, which would be evaluated and graded for winners!






Today Pastor Janet continued talking about struggles, and more specifically, relationship struggles. She showed the campers a picture of a brick wall, and explained how in real life we are all connected like a brick wall. There are people over us in relationships (ie. parents) and people under us (ie. younger siblings); we are surrounded by relationships, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are challenging. Janet talked about the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and how sometimes we need people or friends in our lives that help us choose to trust God. She had Aunt Avarie come to the front of the room and had her carry a backpack. As Avarie and her hypothetical friends had disagreements, Janet started throwing in pebbles and big rocks into her bag that represented the problems from relationships. She talked about how some of us go through life like that, we get hurt from our relationships and we carry those hurts like a backpack full of rocks, which weigh us down. Although there’s good news! God has an anecdote, although it’s not easy. The best way to deal with these rocks on our backs is to practice forgiveness. It’s a choice we have to make, not a feeling, but it frees us from the heaviness of hurting. Janet challenged the campers today to focus on those who have hurt them and to work towards forgiving them!




The sun started peeking out just in time for second and third activities to begin. Our ropes courses were filled with campers monkeying around, knot just on our high ropes course but on our low ropes course as well. Our archers were hitting bullseyes, and our beach volleyballer’s were serving up some good skills on the volleyball court! It’s awesome to see campers enjoying and being so involved in their activities, we’ve loved seeing their progress throughout the week. Once free swim wrapped up, campers headed to dinner for poutine and salad. The camp-wide game occurred immediately afterwards, with Pictionary being on the game list tonight! Another Underground session helped cool off and calm down all the excitement, and with that, campers headed to campfire lead by some of the support staff. There was a little twist tonight, and that was a night-time game that our programming leaders set up! There were glow-in-the-dark rocks spread around Camp that the campers had to gather in order to gain points for their team! After this surprise event, campers tiredly headed to bed for a good sleep, since tomorrow is their last full day here at Camp Kahquah!

Blog & Pictures By: Karley Sider


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