Full House Friday at Summit

Today brought sunny skies and the last day of summit! Waking up to fresh croissants and bagels, the dining room was a full house- quite literally as todays theme was “Full House Friday”.


Today activities were in full swing, with great weather and eager campers. Its been amazing watching the improvement of campers hard skills as they build up confidence, and perfect their chosen majors for the week. You can tell watching them what a fun week they have been having!

The lunch dress-up today was all about Uncle Jesse (because what is Full House without uncle Jesse?!)! The room was full of excitement as campers checked out the competition and some of the hilarious renditions of one of our favourite full house characters!

The day went by so quickly, with campers squeezing in every last activity they wanted to do before heading home tomorrow, and boy was it a beautiful day.

Tonight was my personal favourite meal of the week- potato wedges and corn and salad and chicken and sausage… and to top it all of scrumptious cheesecake- have mercy!

After dinner, campers made sure to get some pictures with all of their new camp friends before changing out of their snazzy attire and into their athletic best as they faced in off an ultimate Quad-athalon. Not without a twist though- Michelle tanner (a doll) had too accompany them through the entire thing (it’s no full house without Michelle tagging along!)

In underground, despite the crazy intense game, campers were full of energy and jumping around during an awesome time of worship. Matt spoke on persecution as a Christian, and how to live as a modern day apostle in all circumstances. We also had the opportunity to hear aunt Samantha share her powerful testimony of broken relationships and yet redeeming forgiveness.

Right now, campers are huddled around the campfire, getting in their last laughs, singing their last songs and wrapping up a fantastic week. At the end of campfire the winning team will head up to the lodge for a nacho party- (sweet deal eh?!).

The last sun of kids camp has set, and there is definitely a mixed feeling around here. Sadness that kids camp has come to a close, love for all the campers that have walked in and out of these doors, excitement for the disciples they will be in their communities, and on top of it all anticipation for the new day that tomorrow brings- along with family campers (woo-hoo!!!)


Thank you everybody for following along on this kids camp journey- and I’m sad to say this will be the last daily blog post of the summer. But check back for our upcoming weekly posts on family camp, and our Instagram and Facebook for daily updates!


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