Throw-back Thursday (#TBT)

Camp was headed back in time again today for a Throw-back Thursday! With a hearty breakfast of waffles this morning, the campers were filled up after their routine of morning activities and flag raising. Ready to embrace the day and what it held, the kids exited the dining hall in an exciting manner to cabin clean-up! Aunt Amanda, one of camp’s first time program directors and goer in general, described what her impression of camp was like. She said, “Is Camp Kahquah not the most magical place on the Earth? It is like Disney Land, except with the Holy Spirit”. That’s a fun way to describe the feeling of Camp Kahqauh!

It’s been another heat-filled day here at camp! The camper’s skills have come superbly far since the beginning of the week and they were all enjoying the sun on their faces today. Beaming smiles were spread far and wide throughout the camp and sun-kissed faces greeted the dining hall as they entered for lunch (pizza bagels) and dinner (hamburgers and hotdogs).

DSC_0328DSC_0327 (2)DSC_0324DSC_0321 (2)DSC_0319DSC_0314 (2)DSC_0312DSC_0310
The second last lunch dress-up consisted of the Throw-back Thursday theme, along with a retro walk-off! The campers were in charge of recreating a retro look from back in the day using a vintage piece of clothing from their own parents (or grandparents) closet. They got bonus points if they had a picture of someone wearing the look they had re-created!

DSC_0355DSC_0353DSC_0351DSC_0350DSC_0348 (2)DSC_0347DSC_0346DSC_0345 (2)DSC_0342DSC_0341DSC_0340DSC_0339DSC_0338 (2)DSC_0337DSC_0336
The camp-wide game for tonight was the Polaroid Portrait Challenge! The Summit campers had to find the time travelers spread around camp wearing retro looks. Then, they had to pose with them and snap pics using their polaroid cut-out. Creativity was key for this game!13672597_1109804969066450_1824078723_n13672629_1109804925733121_277395918_n13866668_1109805102399770_1612830551_n13871688_1109805069066440_1818590579_n13872502_1109804949066452_734010287_n (1)13872590_1109805065733107_1889225057_n13874549_1109805062399774_616848074_n13875130_1109805039066443_283095474_n13883833_1109805025733111_1132667303_n13884335_1109805075733106_2125142623_n13884429_1109805005733113_470949333_n13884524_1109805029066444_697108206_n




The Aspire and Crew kids faced off in an epic game of capture the flag tonight! They headed up to the grounds by the high ropes and went against each other in what can be described as organized chaos. With a long day of making the camp spic and span, they were able to have a little fun on their off time. The Outdoor Pursuits campers also had a busy day with a trip to Crown Island and relaxed by making their own campfire to finish up the day.


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