Workout Wednesday

The campers sure made the most of their time at camp out of Summit day 3! With some apple and cherry turnovers for a satisfying breakfast, the program directors explained the theme for today, which was Workout Wednesday!

There was a bit of a scare today when thunder echoed throughout the camp but luckily it ended before activities started! After the storm clouds rolled along, the sun continued to shine and the campers were once again able to enjoy another beautiful day at Camp Kahquah.


The Aspire campers learned a lot today through the servant leader theme where they shadowed the Crew kids! They split into 3 groups: dining hall cleanup, tuck, and cabin cleanup. They talked about John 13, where Jesus served the disciples and directed them to follow His example and serve others. They also served around camp and walked around picking up garbage to clean-up the grounds. They got to relax tonight with a movie night and then participate in the camp-wide game!


The dress-up for today at lunch was “Let’s Get Physical”. The campers came in their best throwback outfits and it was like being transported back into the 80’s! With colourful windbreakers, Adidas shorts, high top sneakers and sweatbands, everyone got their workout gear ready. There was also a pretty funky dance-off where each cabin had to co-ordinate a work out routine after they were done eating their meal of taco salad and watermelon.


The camp-wide game tonight was a game called “Lite Bright”. There were Glow Bugs hidden all around the camp and the cabin’s job was to find their team’s colours and get them to safety, but to be careful! The Glow Worms were trying to attack them and their team flag with glow in the dark spray. A night game alongside some crazy colours being sprayed all over the campers made for a crazy evening!






One thought on “Workout Wednesday

  1. Looks soooo fun!!Summit!! Hey Maya G at camp Summit!! ….High..Low!!!!
    My High of the day is that baby boy no longer has that bite / bump on his arm!! yaayyy. big news!!
    My low of the day is that Maya is not here…and we are missing her like crazy!!!
    OK…Maya…I challenge you to a camp/cabin wide…HIgh Low..ok??!! Do it!!
    All my love….xo

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