Turntable Tuesday

Things were rocking all across Camp Kahquah today! After completing some more morning activities and attending the flag raising, the campers were quick to get to the dining hall for some breakfast. With some bacon and pancakes to satisfy their stomachs, the camper’s minds were sharpened and their hunger fulfilled. Aunt Liz, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Joe then explained what the duration of the day would hold. Today the cabins would be getting into the groove with some rapping and throwback music!

It was a hot, blistering sort of weather today, but the outdoors were still calling the camper’s names! With the activities completed, the campers hurriedly headed to the beach for free swim to cool themselves off. It’s been perfect camp weather this week so far!


The lunch dress-up for today was a turntable theme! The campers were in charge of dressing up one member of their cabin as a DJ, who would then compete in a “Drop the Beat Battle”. Each team had to come up with their own rap, which they would then present during dessert at lunch. There were some pretty nifty and tubular raps; Camp Kahquah has the most creative campers!


The camp-wide game for today was called “Lost in LA”. Unfortunately, DJ Jazzy Jeff had gone missing and was considered lost! The Summit camper’s job was to travel through Hollywood and talk to celebs along the way. They needed to help the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air find his best bud in time to play at The Grammy’s!


The Crew kids have had a busy week! They had some off time today to go up to the high ropes course and have some fun. They’ve worked really hard in order to give both the staff and campers a good experience at camp. They had another tiring day today cleaning, programming and kitchen-ing! They had a fun volleyball tournament this afternoon, where Uncle Conor valiantly led his team to a win. They’re all celebrating their time together tonight in Magnetawan, where they’ll grab some ice cream and relax!

The Aspire kids started some more team building activities and worked together to complete challenges such as the human knot. They participated in the lunch rap as well and were on fire! They also learned about Joseph today and about his leadership in Egypt in the time of famine. They also led campfire tonight in the songs and skits and did an amazing job!

Pastor Matt completed some more morning and evening sessions today with the campers. His morning sessions held more of a bible study theme, while his evening sessions were more visual and interactive. He discussed how it’s a lie that Satan wants to sell them that they are only average and that they don’t have any skills or qualities that they can proclaim His name through. They looked at Acts 2 as a follow-up and read about the Pentecost; the disciples were given gifts by the Holy Spirit and were able to go out and use those gifts. In the same way, the campers can take their gift(s) that God has given them to develop them, to be patient with them and engage in with them.  Everyone has been given a gift that they can proclaim His name through. Matt also gave them some discussion questions to ponder on, such as: “What are you good at?”, “What bugs you about the world that you would like to change?”, and once they identified those, “How are you going to change it?”


Pastor Matt enjoying a late night snack




2 thoughts on “Turntable Tuesday

  1. (This is a private note, so please don’t post in the comment section ) Hello! I really look forward to reading/seeing photos about the daily camp activities each night/morning. I was wondering if you could also post info about the campers in Outdoor Pursuits?? The Aspire camp was full when we tried to register, so my son couldn’t be with his friends, but still wanted to go, so OP was the only one available. Do you take photos of those campers too? Being the 1st time at camp, this mom really appreciates knowing what’s going on.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Take care,

    Joy Lohr


    • Hi Joy! For sure, I’ll definitely make sure to get some pictures and a little paragraph on what they’ve been up to tomorrow! Most times they aren’t in line with the regular camp activities which is why they are absent from the blog most of the time. I’ll make sure to specifically seek them out! Thanks!

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