Mustache, Mullet & Muscle Shirt Monday

A totally awesome week of Summit started off bright and early this morning as the campers were up and ’em for morning activities. They were then stoked and wide awake for the day and had even worked up a hearty appetite for a breakfast of muffins and cereal! Our program directors (Aunt Liz, Uncle Joe and Aunt Amanda) explained the theme of the day; the campers were excited as it included mustaches, mullets, and muscle shirts! The campers wandered out of the dining hall ready to embrace the old world style!

It was a stormy night last night, but thankfully the weather was fully cleared up by the time the campers woke up this morning! It was a toasty day outside today, and a good start to the week. All the majors have taken off to a flying start as the campers started learning different skills and strengths.


The lunch dress-up for today was a real throwback! Everyone showed up to eat with some pretty intense looking mustaches, stylish mullets, and some snazzy muscle shirts. No one held back today! During their lunch of chicken tortilla’s, the campers had the chance to complete a challenge at their tables through a game called “Whose Mustache is it Anyway?” There were different celebrity stache’s pasted on a piece of paper, and the campers had to take a guess of which celebrity it belonged to! It was a fun way to spend the lunch hour and the campers, in their get-up, definitely brought back the “in” look!



The Aspire campers also had a busy day today! They talked about communication, and played the Fork and Spoon game to reflect what they were discussing. They also completed a 1 minute talk and listen activity to get to know each other as well as a couple other communication games. They then talked about James 1:19, which says, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry”. They discussed that the emphasis of communication is not on the quantity of listening (a lot of listening) but the promptness of listening (listening first before speaking). They also learned that sometimes, when experiencing trials or disagreements, it is easy to quickly respond to argue and defend personal opinions, but James encourages the exact opposite. He calls to postpone making judgments and rebuttals and concentrate on listening to others in order to understand their side of the conflict.

IMG_1640IMG_1664 2IMG_1667 2IMG_1660IMG_1649IMG_1644

The camp-wide game tonight was called, “Finding Feeey’s Stache”. There were 15 Mr.Feeney’s hiding around camp and the camper’s job was to find all of them to get their hall passes stamped! However, there were hall monitors skulking around camp, so the kids had to be careful less they get caught!


The Underground this week is being led by Pastor Matt! Tonight he talked about patience with the campers. He mentioned how God’s timing is so much better than what we have in mind. We don’t always know His plans and sometimes it can seem like God isn’t listening but He has better things in mind for us; just because God doesn’t give us what we want in the moment doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He might just be preparing us or waiting for the perfect time. But God is good in all things and he knows what’s in store for us, so we must be patient.



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