Ready For Retro Week at Summit

The Summit campers pulled up nice and early today on the bus to come face to face with a retro-themed Camp Kahquah! Once they stepped off their time machine delorean, they had the chance to drop off their stuff at their new homes for the week and get to know their groovy counselors and cabin-mates.  They then got to head to the old-fashioned dining hall, where they were served spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. After being filled from their long drive up to camp, all the campers headed down to the beach in order to complete their swim tests!



Pastor Matt is leading Underground for the Summit campers this week! Tonight he introduced himself to the kids and explained a bit of what he’s going to talk about during the rest of this week. The campers are in for some great talks and guidance these coming days!

After a quick campfire, the worn-out campers dragged their tired feet back to their cabin in order to get a good night’s rest for their first day tomorrow. All the staff are looking forward to spending the week with these outta sight campers!




One thought on “Ready For Retro Week at Summit

  1. Looks soooooooooo fun!! you guys!! I am so happy Maya is there with all of her very ultra cool friends!
    hi maya i hope your having fun have a good night sssssllllleeeeeeeeeeeppppp!!!! love ayden xo xo xo xo xo

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