Top-Notch Teamwork at the Final Day of Blaze


The final full day of Blaze was started off a little differently than the rest of the days this week. The constant schedule that the kids had gotten used to was switched up by a 6:30 wake-up call of the bell ringing, which echoed through the silent, ghost town-like camp. Each cabin had a pair of frozen pantyhose to start with, which they then had to thaw and put on a camper! It was quite a sight to see the campers and counselors, sleepy and tuckered out, trying to break the ice around the clothing item using their hands and body heat to warm it up. After the challenge was finished, the camper’s feet trudged back to their rooms, eyes drooping, to get an hour more of sleep. Thankfully, they were permitted to sleep through morning activities and when they woke for a second time, it was to waffles for breakfast!
The weather for the last day was cloudless and sweltering, but with a nice breeze. The cool relief of the lake was once again welcoming, and all the kids finished up their majors and activities for the week! It’s been amazing to see the progress the campers have made in their majors and to see their developing skills!

DSC_1771DSC_1778 (2)DSC_1777DSC_1782DSC_1843DSC_1873DSC_1868DSC_1866DSC_1786DSC_1821DSC_1808DSC_1791DSC_1792


The lunch dress-up for today was teams! Each cabin dressed themselves to look like a team, which included a team of totally blue and a team imitating the seven dwarfs. The cabins have been super creative this week involving lunch dress-up!



In the last Underground at Blaze, Pastor Darcy introduced the sentence of the day, “I am more”. They talked about what’s holding them back from trusting God; they then discussed what more God has in store for them. Do they believe that God has plans for their life? What more does God have in mind for them? What will he use them for?  They then completed a little activity, which involved sharing time. They were instructed to write on a piece of paper of what they thought was holding them back from completely trusting in God’s will for their life and shared them in front of others.


After a wonderful dinner of meatballs and rice, it was time for the last camp-wide game! It involved completing an obstacle course and trying to beat out other cabins in order to win those last minute points for their team! After the game was finished, the campers were able to join a talent show instead of having a campfire. The Blaze talent was out of this world! Camp Kahquah has certainly enjoyed these enthusiastic campers this past week, and we wish them the best in the rest of their summer!



collage 8


collage 7


collage 6


collage 5


collage 4


collage 3


collage 2


One thought on “Top-Notch Teamwork at the Final Day of Blaze

  1. Great job documenting the campers journey. I really enjoyed the blog posts and photos to help me as a parent feel more in touch with my child. You guys get an “A” for effort, keep up the good job creating memories that will last a lifetime!

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