Second Verse, Same as the First

We thank you for your prayers… we were able to get our swim tests done…. They were done in the pouring rain, but… they’re done.  All the kids were super accommodating to our need to be flexible and rearrange the schedule a couple times as we dealt with yet another day of completely out of nowhere soaker systems, and then random thunder claps in the midst of beautiful sunny skies.


Today’s lunch theme was “Tacky Tourist” and some of the cabins pulled it off really nicely!  I didn’t see them, unfortunately, but my dear Mommy was gracious and thoughtful enough to grab my camera while I dealt with the change of plan in the tuck shop.

DSCF2994 DSCF2997

Like I mentioned above, we had another complete deluge of rain this afternoon… that lasted for a solid 8 minutes… then the sun came back out.  It poured, but once again, no one seemed to really be all that bothered by it.  I even heard a few kids mention that playing in the rain meant they didn’t need showers!  Don’t worry though, we disagree.  Aunt Laura and baby Landon got a good dance in the rain in as well, and Landon didn’t seem phased!

DSCF3001 DSCF3002 DSCF3003 DSCF3008 DSCF3013 DSCF3015 IMG_3979

Because it stopped raining so quickly, the water evaporated rather quickly and left us with a beautiful afternoon.  Kids were even able to play outside!

steam off the roofs as it went right back to hot and sticky after the rain.

steam off the roofs as it went right back to hot and sticky after the rain.

DSCF3023 DSCF3026 IMG_3980

I had to make a trip into Parry Sound this afternoon, but when I got back the kids were just assembling for Underground!  It’s been so nice to hear energetic worship bounding through the floors, and I had a chance to pop in this evening and see it in action.  This morning, through the walls of the tuck shop, I heard a rousing competition of that old “hallelu hallelu hallelu hallelujah!” song brought back to life.  I hadn’t heard it in years, and it’s lovely to hear the kids praising Jesus so excitedly.  The pictures you’re going to see are blurry, but that’s because there’s an action for almost every word of My Redeemer Lives.  The kids and the leaders were dancing…. and Noah and Chloe were photo bombing!

IMG_3999 IMG_4002 IMG_4005 IMG_4006
While I was in my parents’ backyard watching yet another glorious sunset (doesn’t it just remind you that God works all things together for good after a stormy day like this?), I could hear the kids screaming at the Campfire.  Did they ever sound like they were having fun!  I know sound travels well over water, but I bet that was loud at Camp, because we’re off site and down the road a little bit.  That’s alright, though.  Campfire is supposed to be loud!

IMG_4010 IMG_4023 IMG_4027

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