It’s time to think about Camp!

Are you tired of all of this cold weather?  I sure am.  Are you tired of the snow?  I definitely am.  To free yourself of the winter blahs (if you indeed have them), it’s time to think about Camp!!  Registration for kids’ Camp opens in a mere 19 days!!  The brochure with the information about all the programs we offer is available now on our website.

I’m here to start pumping you up.  Are you excited?  I’m excited!!

Before I start our first highlight for kids’ camp though, I’d like to announce that staff applications are now available online, and are now being accepted.  Come on, you know you want to come work with us this summer!  Join us.  Please note that the process is different this year.  I don’t believe you were able to apply to be staff online last year, so for most of you that will be the easiest option.  Sure beats having to go fill out an application when you get to Camp (like I had to…), doesn’t it?  Please make sure you fill out both the staff app and the medical form.  They’re equally important.

Today I’d like to highlight Nova and Kubbies.  Both run concurrently from June 29 – July 5.  Kubbies is a parent and child camp that runs alongside Nova for children aged 6-7.  Younger campers are introduced to all the fun of a week of summer camp while maintaining the sense of security from having a parent stay them at night.  Each cabin has a leader assigned to help guide the campers through their first experience at Camp.  Last year, we had two young boys with very different levels of Camp experience.  One of the boys has been around Camp since he was a baby, and he probably doesn’t remember a time when Camp wasn’t a part of his life.  His brother comes to Camp, all his cousins come to Camp, and his entire family sets up shop for three weeks during Family Camp.  He came with his Mom and loved every minute of it.  The other had never been to camp, neither had his Mom.  By the end of the week, he’d made friends, so had his Mom, and they’re looking forward to finding a way that they can come back again!  What a fantastic story!  Here are the boys with their counselor, Brittany.  She stayed with the boys and their mothers and led them through all their activities for the week.

IMG_4737 IMG_4739

Nova is a camp for younger or first time campers that accommodates for your child’s unique needs for supervision, rest, and patient instruction while also meeting their desire for new experiences and adventure.  It’s for kids aged 8-11, and runs alongside the Kubbies program.

Well — I’m stoked.  I can’t wait to see all of you throughout the summer.  Get excited, because there are going to be amazing things happening at Kahquah this summer.

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