Happy 2014!

Good afternoon, Camp Enthusiasts, and Happy 2014!

I have a whole bunch of information to impart to you today, so please read all the way to the bottom of this post.  I’ll try to be succinct 🙂

Most of the following news items are time sensitive, so please take note of them if they’re important to you!

1.  Kids’ Camp Registration opens February 1st, 2014.  More info on each individual camp option will be coming soon.  I’ll be blasting info out on the blog, and please keep an eye on the Facebook page as well.  You can find a link to it over there on our side-bar.

2.  We’ve changed the way we do Friend Bonuses this year.  Previously, if you or your child brought a friend to Camp who’d never come before, you received a $5.00 credit toward the tuck shop.  Instead of that, we are now offering a $20.00 Camp Fee discount if you’re bringing a new friend, which will be taken off of the price as you register.  There will no longer be a tuck shop bonus for bringing a friend.

2.  Crew and LIT applications are being done a bit differently this year.  They’ll be available online in the same spot as kids’ camp applications have always been.  They are ONLY available from February 1st to March 15th, though, so make sure if you’re interested in applying to those programs (or your kids are!), you get your application submitted by the deadline.

3.  We have a new Camp option for those of you who enjoy Wilderness-type adventures.  The new camp is called Wilderness Adventure!  I don’t know much about it yet, but more information will be arriving soon.  Stay tuned!

4.  Staff applications will also be available online this year, but if you have any questions about staffing, please contact Chris Oldham at ckprogramleader@gmail.com.

5.  Our Annual Mens’ Retreat is happening again this year from February 28-March 2.  It’s called Leaving a Legacy this year.  More information is available on the homepage of our website.

6.  Thanks to everyone who filled out the Tuck Shop Interest Survey I’ve been putting out since Thanksgiving.  It’s now closed.  I’ll be analyzing the results shortly and we’ll be making decisions about the things we’ll be putting into the Tuck Shop.  That said, we’d love some ideas for a new design for our shirts, as we haven’t done that in a while.  If you have an artistic flair, please feel free to draw us up something (on a computer or by hand) that you’d love to see represent Camp Kahquah on a shirt.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The more colours and different prints all over the shirt, the more money it’ll cost to make, therefore the more it’ll cost to buy.  If it’s too over the top, we’re not going to choose it because it’ll simply be too expensive.  Please keep your design to two or three colours maximum.
  • Designs must be emailed as an image to me (Laura) at kahquahsocialmedia@gmail.com.  We’ll then choose any options that we like, and may put them out to a vote on here and the Facebook page.  Please keep in mind that as we’re simply looking for ideas, there is no guarantee that your design idea would be used on the shirt, but we’d love to see what you come up with!  All clothing options for the Tuck Shop are ultimately the decision of the Camp Kahquah management team.

7.  Lastly, while I’m here, please check out the new links on the sidebar.  Follow us on Instagram and on Pinterest so that you’re ready for the things we post over the spring and summer months.  Social Media has become my number one job for Camp, and I plan to do it to the hilt this year 🙂  Check us out!

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