Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast

Good Saturday Afternoon!

The Bravo kids are gone.  The Aspire kids are gone.  The Grad Campers are gone.  For the first time, ever, we had to tell the bus to sit and wait for half an hour because we were EARLY and ready to go too soon, but if we let the bus leave that early, all of the kids would make it to their bus stops way sooner than their parents, and that’s bad news bears.

We had an excellent finish to the week with Bravo’s Beauty and the Beast performance in the afternoon.  Aspire got to go do some Archery yesterday morning, and then some low ropes team-building in the afternoon, following the performance.  There was a talent show in the evening following Spotlight (Frank’s teaching session), where apparently hosts Riley and Jacob had to stop the Bravo kids from performing long enough to get all of Aspire up to sing a song together.  Shocking, I know, that kids who signed up for a week long drama camp culminating in a musical production would want to participate endlessly in talent shows.

DSCF1979 DSCF1976 DSCF1975 DSCF1974 DSCF1972 DSCF1970 DSCF1963 DSCF1962 DSCF1961 DSCF1958 DSCF1956 DSCF1955 DSCF1953 DSCF1948 DSCF1947 DSCF1946 DSCF1945 DSCF1943 DSCF1942 DSCF1940 DSCF1939

Unfortunately, while taking pictures of the performance, I was struggling big time with the poor lighting in the chapel.  I don’t have nearly as many pictures as I’d have liked, but I do have lots from throughout the performance.  All of the Bravo kids performed wonderfully, and Riley stole the show again!  I think Jared would make an excellent candidate for the next Batman movie with his gruff, angry voice in his role as the Beast.  I’ve heard rumours that yesterday afternoon and evening, Lynn was being referred to by some as “the Beast’s Mom.”  How flattering 🙂

Thanks to Sherri for giving me her pictures of the kids during their final makeup and rehearsal prep, as I was in the tuck shop making sure all of the kids had their completely necessary and not at all superfluous run of candy for the day :).

IMG_9262 IMG_9266 IMG_9269 IMG_9272 IMG_9277 IMG_9286 IMG_9288 IMG_9293 IMG_9296 IMG_9298 IMG_9299 IMG_9301 IMG_9304 IMG_9306 IMG_9308 IMG_9309 IMG_9320 IMG_9323 IMG_9325

DSCF1816 DSCF1928 DSCF1926 DSCF1925 DSCF1920 DSCF1917 DSCF1910 DSCF1908 DSCF1907 DSCF1906 DSCF1904 DSCF1903 DSCF1902 DSCF1901 DSCF1895 DSCF1894 DSCF1893 DSCF1890 DSCF1884 DSCF1883 DSCF1882 DSCF1879 DSCF1876 DSCF1875 DSCF1873 DSCF1872 DSCF1865 DSCF1864 DSCF1863 DSCF1859 DSCF1855 DSCF1843 DSCF1841 DSCF1839 DSCF1838 DSCF1836 DSCF1835 DSCF1833 DSCF1832 DSCF1831 DSCF1830 DSCF1825 DSCF1824 DSCF1820 DSCF1818 IMG_9313 IMG_9315

While I was across the road snapping pictures of the Aspire kids at low ropes (sorry, I have no pictures of the Archery, I was writing yesterday’s blog while they did it!), I came across two Grad Campers who were picking containers full of wild blackberries!  I picked a handful myself, and they were DELICIOUS!

DSCF1935 DSCF1934 DSCF1933DSCF1980


And, since it wouldn’t be one of my blogs if I didn’t finish it with a sunset, here ya go!


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