Water Fights, The Little Mermaid, and chocolate.

Yesterday was a great day.  There was a bit of rain, but it really didn’t last that long, which was excellent.  I even saw a sizable group of people heading out, I assume with Jared to go for the Beaver Dam walk.  Though, it could have been the youth for ultimate frisbee, but I’m not sure.  I imagine that group of people were quite glad to have the rain quit shortly after it began, but I was pleased to see that no one turned around to come back as I stood in Frank and Nancy’s living room practicing fiddling for tomorrow’s talent show 🙂

And see, it did turn into a pretty nice day… even if a little chilly.


This morning in Chapel, John talked about praying like Jesus prayed, and by extension, what we call The Lord’s Prayer, which it could be argued should be called The Disciples’ Prayer.  Jesus’ Disciples had gone to Synagogue all their lives, they likely had the Torah memorized, and they knew their Psalms, which a lot of them would have used to pray, and yet they still asked Jesus to teach them to pray.  They looked at Jesus’ quiet times spent with His Father and just knew that there was something different about what He was doing compared to how they’d been doing it.  I think the biggest thing that caught my attention this morning was to give God time to answer.  Prayer should be a connection between our hearts and God’s, and when we are firing off our lists of things we need, saying Amen, and going back about our days, it gives God no chance to speak to us.  Essentially — We’re not listening.  We’re talking at God and not listening for His response.  The Lord’s Prayer has us asking for strength in our weakness, brokenness, and temptation.  It has us praising God for all He does, for who He is, and for how Holy He is.  It has us sincerely asking for forgiveness for what we’ve done against others, in a manner similar to the way that our sins have been forgiven.  It shows God that we trust His timing when we proclaim “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.”  When we say that and mean it, our agenda has to be surrendered.

The boys did indeed manage to have their water battle.  I talked with Kristen afterward and she said that about 9 boys showed up, and that once they were in the water it really wasn’t that bad temperature wise.  They were reportedly throwing around water balloons that were so tough to break though that even with digging finger nails into them, it was still tough to get them to detonate on impact like they’re supposed to.  It sounded like they had fun, though, at any rate.

The girls’ pampering night looked like a lot of fun.  They were watching The Little Mermaid, which brought back tons of memories for me.  I can remember as a little girl, I had Mom rent it so many times that they finally bought it for me.  I think they hoped I’d get sick of it and stop wanting to watch it on repeat, but that took a lot longer than I think they thought it would.

DSCF1444 DSCF1450 DSCF1448 DSCF1447 DSCF1446
I didn’t get a chance to talk to Frank about his seminar, but it’s been my prayer all three weeks of family camp that those in attendance were those who needed to hear what was to be said, and that there would be some practical way that you could see the information presented applied in your life — whether it’s in your own life, or in the life of someone close to you that you can then share what you learned with.

The Youth made it into Magnetawan and back safely!  They had to take two boats in, so thanks to Mike for being willing to drive a group of them in in his boat as well as using the Pontoon Boat, but it seemed like everyone who wanted to be able to go was able, and that’s always a good sign.

DSCF1451 DSCF1455 DSCF1453 DSCF1442

Lastly, at Ladies’ Craft night, we made chocolate treats.  I made some delightfully delectable chocolate covered red licorice sticks using milk, white, and blue chocolate.  I also made a pretzel stick that was fantastic, and I’m quite content to have the recipe for them now.  Yum!!

DSCF1459 DSCF1460

oh, and also, this is the face of someone who should probably NOT have switched an afternoon iced coffee habit with an afternoon nap…. bad news, bears.  I should probably not admit that this picture exists, but it struck me really funny….


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