Group Projects

Today was a great day, for me, anyway.  I understand and completely respect that everyone has very personal styles of Worship when it comes to music, but I have to say — if I could sing songs like we sang this morning until the day I die and beyond, I’d be perfectly content with that.  When we put a banjo, a harmonica, a mandolin, a cello, two acoustic guitars, beautiful harmonies, and a cajon (not a speaker — I learned something yesterday — Noah was not sitting on a speaker tapping out a rhythm.  Noah was sitting on a percussion instrument called a cajon.  Whoops!  Sorry, Noah!) together, I am in my happy place.  Maybe some of you are with me.  Maybe some of you aren’t, but that’s OK, because everyone is different and that’s what makes us unique.

In Chapel this morning, Nate started by asking us where our breakfast came from.  He listed the farmers, the factories, the migrant workers, and many many more, up to and including our very own kitchen staff who prepared and served it.  The purpose of this illustration was to show us that teams are necessary in most things in life, and when God calls us to something, that’s usually the way He rolls.  He calls many people.  I guess the saying is true, many hands do make light work.  I think the best part of all of this is that as Nehemiah gets into this project He knows God has called him to, rebuilding Jerusalem, he doesn’t manipulate anyone else into following his lead by using “God told me so.”  He paints a picture of what God’s asked Him to accomplish, and has faith that others will follow — and they do.  In fact, Chapter 3 of Nehemiah is primarily focused on listing the people that showed up to help… except for a few Nobles who thought they were above this vision.  Sometimes, we subtly (or even not so subtly) imply that work gets done by those in the Ministry alone, but this isn’t the way this was intended at all.  We’re supposed to work together.  And instead of always asking God to change our lives and circumstances, we should always be praying for opportunities that are right in front of us as well.  And trust me I know… as a teacher, I get the eye rolls when I hand out group work, because many of us would prefer to just do it ourselves, whatever ‘it’ is, so that we make sure it gets done properly… but isn’t God’s way always a bit counter-intuitive to the way the World works?  We also need to remember that results may not (or probably won’t be) immediate.  Brokenness can feel normal when we see it day after day, but when we shift from our perspective to God’s we can see something restorative taking place.

This afternoon, I witnessed only a couple of events.  This has afforded me the space to ramble a bit above this section of the blog.  I watched an epic volleyball tournament organized by Jesse and Josiah, and I peeked in on Crafts.  The kids looked like they were having fun at Crafts, and boy oh boy was there ever some fierce competition at the volleyball court.  The beach looked like fun, too.  Though, I must admit, it looked a tad windy to be out on the paddle boards for my liking, it still seemed that everyone had a great time.

DSCF0797 DSCF0801 DSCF0806 DSCF0808 DSCF0821 DSCF0838 DSCF0844 DSCF0851 DSCF0861 DSCF0867 DSCF0871 DSCF0876 DSCF0877 DSCF0878 DSCF0884 DSCF0886 DSCF0887 DSCF0896 DSCF0898 DSCF0901 DSCF0924 DSCF0929 DSCF0930 DSCF0936 DSCF0968 DSCF0979 DSCF1091 DSCF1092 DSCF1093 DSCF1094 DSCF1095 DSCF1096

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