Sandcastles and Butter Tarts

This morning, we started off Chapel having been introduced to our Pastor, Nate Yoder from Wainfleet BIC, and our Worship Leader, Andrew Thompson of Wellspring Community Church.  While Andrew and Noah led worship this morning, I have to say that I marveled at Noah’s percussion, because he created excellent rhythm to back up his Dad… without a drum set.  He sat on a speaker and tapped the rhythm out on the sides of it.

Nate preached on Dreams and Visions, and that visions are the drive that makes our dreams come to fruition.  Dreams are what we want for our lives.  He talked about Nehemiah, and how he saw the remnant of a destroyed Jerusalem, decimated by the Babylonians years prior, and knew that God was calling him to go do something about it.  He was a Cup Bearer to the King, and he used his position to ask the King to allow him to go, with resources and protection, and to help rebuild.  It was a very gutsy request, as it could have been seen as a subversive political move, among a number of other shady motives.  Nehemiah was trusting God to give him what he’d need to do what God was calling him to do.  I’m looking forward to following along with the rest of Nehemiah’s story throughout the rest of the week.

DSCF0687 DSCF0692

This afternoon, there was a sandcastle building contest of epic proportions.  Seriously… I’ve never seen sandcastles like some of these, not in real life, off of the Internet!  It looks like the kids (and some adults) had a lot of fun!

DSCF0694 DSCF0709 DSCF0707 DSCF0706 DSCF0705 DSCF0704 DSCF0701 DSCF0700 DSCF0697 DSCF0696

Also, a huge thank you to all who participated in our Family Camp Fire this evening!  It was a lot of fun!  I wish I could participate for some of the prizes involved.  All of our adults who were voluntold were very good sports.

The first game was a competition, where three couples had to have the husband feed his wife a butter tart — a delicious one from the Cornball at that — to his wife, while neither of them used their hands.  The winners (Jay and Alexa) won a gift certificate to the Cornball.  Joost and Patti, Jay and Alexa, and Andrew and Anita were all stellar competitors.

DSCF0732 DSCF0737 DSCF0736 DSCF0734

Next, there was a rousing screaming competition from one side of the Campfire pit to the next, declaring that “there might be flies on some of YOU guys, but there ain’t no flies on us!”

DSCF0744 DSCF0745

The first skit was one I’d never seen before.  The Wee Skit, it was called.  It was staged on a bus where the passenger in the back repeatedly asks the bus driver to stop so she can wee.  The driver keeps telling her she’ll have to wait, while other passengers loudly sing Disney music, and yet others twitch because they need chocolate.  When they finally convince the driver to stop, Natalie, the passenger gets out of the back, and runs around pretending to be an airplane, yelling “weeeee!”  The faces Jared made during this skit just killed me.

DSCF0752 DSCF0754 DSCF0755 DSCF0761 DSCF0768

The next competition had couples facing off at a common wedding reception game for the chance to win a gift certificate for dinner at Tanner’s Restaurant.  They had to raise their shoes with their backs to each other to show who they thought had what role in their relationships.  Craig and Sandy, as well as Nate and Grace, all seemed to have their roles down, but Tim and Liz had the fewest answers the same.  As a result, they were awarded the gift certificate to Tanner’s.

DSCF0769 DSCF0771 DSCF0776

The last skit was called JC Penney.  One after another, models came out to show off their new clothes.  Erin would ask them where they got their clothes from, and one after another, they’d respond “JC Penney.”  Finally, Jared runs out wearing a garbage bag, appearing to be missing all of his clothes, and Erin asks him who he is.  He exclaims, “I’m JC PENNEY!”  Andrew laughed so hard, he cried.  And Noah, seeing his Dad laughing that hard, joined right in.

DSCF0792 DSCF0793

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