Patience, Gentleness, and a bag full of shoes.

We started today out with clouds, and a thinly veiled sun hiding behind them.  The sun did appear later on, and it warmed up a bit.  As I write this (as quickly as I can to avoid losing an internet connection), it’s raining outside.  While I don’t envy those in the campground because we’ve had kind of a wet week, I do have to say that I love love love the sound of rain on the roof on a tent.  I do very much hope that you all stayed dry through the night, though.

During Chapel, Melissa talked on Patience and Gentleness, which go hand in hand.  She started with a very fitting visual — a bag with 8 shoes in it.  She described how a huge thing for her, having four children under 6, has been the battle to get all four kids to have shoes on to go outside to play.  Having taught Kindergarten, and preparing to do it again this year, I completely understand.  It’s quite the task.  She taught that patience and gentleness are qualities of Jesus (all of the Fruits of the Spirit are, go figure, huh?), and that we should be working to display those.  Being patient means we’re slow to anger, slow to speak, and quick to listen.  This applies to all parts of our lives though, and has links to all those things we strive for and work toward, waiting and waiting, growing more and more anxious when they don’t work out.  When we’re patient, trusting God for His plans in our lives, we’re able to wait without becoming agitated and upset.

On Jared’s Nature Hike, the Colemans showed up again to go visit the Beaver Dam.  I had a chat with Patrick before dinner, and he expressed how impressed he was with Jared’s knowledge.  He sent me a few pictures, which you can check out on the blog at  You may have to ask him for an explanation about the tree, though, because the only info he emailed me with the picture was “poo tree.”  The other picture appears to be of a growth of fungus (probably mushrooms), but it sure looks like it sticks out from among the brown and green that most of the rest of the vegetation would be coloured!


a tree that bears climb to get beech nuts from... you can see the claw marks on the tree.

a tree that bears climb to get beech nuts from… you can see the claw marks on the tree.

the beaver pond

the beaver pond

giant orange fungus of some sort

giant orange fungus of some sort

"the poo tree"

“the poo tree”

The beach was well used today!  I was amused when I went down to snap some pictures when I found a group of boys enjoying their “water battle,” which, when I was down there, looked like an opportunity to shoot water at their leaders from the lake.  There was a lot of squealing, giggling, and general merriment.  There was also some fun on the beach, some fishing, some tubing (I snuck a pic of some of the Tyrrell clan coming in from tubing), and some paddle boarding.

DSCF0551 DSCF0550 DSCF0549DSCF0554 DSCF0556 DSCF0555DSCF0559DSCF0560DSCF0564 DSCF0567
After dinner, there were a few events.  I loved watching the girls have their hair played with while they watched Tangled in the Pine Room, as well as a group working very diligently on a puzzle.  I heard that the talk on Pain and Comfort in the Chapel with Frank went well.  Ladies Craft in the dining hall was lovely.  Karen found something called ZenTangles on the Internet, which are basically a series of sectioned-off doodles done in black and white.  I intended to take a bunch of pictures while I doodled, but I ended up working so intently on mine, that I didn’t touch my camera until I was done and pretty much everyone else had moved on to other things.  I barely even picked up my head.

DSCF0568 DSCF0569 DSCF0571 DSCF0573

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